File Your Illinois Property Tax Appeal the Easy Way

Reducing Property Taxes File Your Illinois Property Tax Appeal the Easy Way

File an Illinois Property Tax Appeal Without Any Trouble

According to some assessments, Illinois occupies second place among the U.S. states with high property taxes. Many Illinois citizens feel like the property tax rates have gone out of hand. While the Illinois government is working on a long-term solution, citizens are trying to find ways to reduce property taxes on their own. One of the ways to do so is to file a property value assessment appeal. 

DoNotPay is here to explain what the Illinois property tax appeal process looks like and help you build a strong case!

Illinois Property Taxes in a Nutshell

Local governments in Illinois collect property taxes and use them to fund services for their citizens. The majority of the tax money is used to finance public education. Other services that benefit from property taxes are recreation, road maintenance, and fire and police departments.

Your local officials will determine your property taxes based on two factors:

  • Equalized assessed value (EAV) of your property
  • Amount of money your local government needs to operate throughout the following year (levy)

The assessment of your property is established as the means to distribute the property tax charges evenly between other property owners in the community. The amount that comes from that assessment is deemed the property tax base. As a result, your property tax bill can: 

  1. Remain the same or decrease if the tax base increases or taxing districts don’t increase their levies
  2. Increase because the tax base decreased or taxing districts increased their levies

Property tax rates are different every year, depending on the changes in tax base and levies among districts. Illinois has faced a significant increase in property taxes over recent years. Luckily, you can apply several strategies to reduce your property tax bills.

How To Lower Property Taxes in Illinois

If you are struggling to make your property tax payments in Illinois, certain tricks can help you lower them. They may require a little effort but will pay off in the future. 

Here is the overview of the ways to reduce your property taxes:

Method for Lowering Property TaxesDetails

Obtaining property tax breaks that Illinois offers

Illinois grants property tax relief to citizens that meet certain requirements. Possible property tax exemptions include:

  • Primary residence (up to $10,000)
  • Senior citizens older than 65 ($5,000$8,000)
  • Disabled persons ($2,000)
  • Home improvements ($75,000)
  • Disabled veterans ($100,000)
  • Returning veterans ($5,000)
  • Natural disasters 

Appealing the taxable value of your home

You can reduce your home taxable value, which will lower your property taxes. Check your home’s value in your local clerk’s office. If you are dissatisfied with the assessment of your home, you can file a property tax appeal.

How Do I Appeal My Property Taxes in Illinois?

You can appeal the assessment of your home’s value for several reasons, including the following:

  • Assessment value of your home is higher than the market value—you can support that claim if you hired a professional assessor or have recently purchased the property on the open market 
  • Assessed value of your home is higher than that of neighboring homes—this can be a result of inaccurate calculations of your property’s measurements

There are two ways to file an appeal in Illinois—the formal and informal way. The informal way includes contacting your township assessor with a complaint early in the year. That can result in lowering your property taxes without going through the formal appeal process.

If you decide to file a formal appeal, you have to do it in writing and submit it to your county’s board of review.

If you don’t get the expected results, you can appeal your county’s board of review’s decision to the State Property Tax Appeal Board or submit a tax objection complaint in circuit court. You have to pay your property taxes according to the original assessment until your objection is resolved.

How To Appeal Property Taxes in Illinois With DoNotPay

Filing a property tax appeal is not an easy feat—it involves lengthy research that can leave you exhausted even before the appeal process begins. DoNotPay has an easier solution!

Our app uses the basic data you provide to create a property tax guide customized to your needs. You will find information on necessary forms and documents, and even negotiation techniques you can apply in front of your county’s board of review. 

Here’s what you have to do first:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a web browser
  2. Select the Property Tax feature
  3. Provide necessary info about you and your property

All you need to do now is wait for your personalized guide to arrive. You can use the guide to identify an Illinois property exemption you qualify for and study the steps you need to take to get it. 

You can check out our learning center if you need help making your property tax payments or want to know which state has low property taxes!

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