The Best Way to File for Child Support in Illinois

Child Support Payments The Best Way to File for Child Support in Illinois

The Best Way to File for Child Support in Illinois

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act governs child support in the state and outlines formulaic guidelines that courts should adhere to in establishing appropriate Illinois child support payments.

If you are divorced or separated and a residential parent from Illinois State, you are entitled to child support. It is intended to help you offset the burden of child-related costs and maintain consistency in the children's standard of living.

DoNotPay's child support product provides you with an effective avenue to easily file child support payments.

About the Illinois Child Support Services

Under IV-D services, the federal government requires that states provide child support services to all families. In Illinois, child support services are provided by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Division of DCSS.

What Services Does the Illinois Child Support Service Provide?

DCSS assists in:

  • Locating the parent who does not live with the child
  • Legally establishing paternity if the parents are not married
  • Getting an order for child support and addresses health insurance
  • Collecting payments on an already established child support order
  • Changing the amount of child support order
  • Collecting past-due child support payment

What Happens if a Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Support as Ordered?

Once ordered, paying child support is mandatory, and failure to comply is considered contempt of court.

DCSS keeps track of all accounts, and if a paying parent falls behind, the agency can choose to:

  • Hire private collection agencies to collect child support arrearages.
  • Refer severe cases to a state or federal prosecutor to open a criminal investigation.
  • Contact the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation to suspend parents' professional and vocational licenses who've fallen behind on child support three months or more.
  • Intercept state and federal tax refunds.
  • Refer cases to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, a collection and asset recovery unit that will extract unpaid monies from parents.

DCSS ensures that all child support orders are enforced, and all parents meet their obligations.

How to File a Demand Letter for a Late Child Support Payment on Your Own

You need to fill out or write a child support demand letter that proves that a reminder was made in writing to file for late child support. You will need to visit a legal institution to access a child support demand letter because it is helpful to draft it with a legal expert to ensure it meets the standards. The document should contain all essential details required when demanding child support or other support owed to the child.

The information needed includes the names and contact details for both parents, the titles, and, if applicable, the case number of the court order obligating one party to pay support and the amount of support owed. This document should also detail the form of support ordered by the court or agreed upon by both parties.

The written document should then  be signed and sent through any of the following:

  • A registered mail
  • In-person, or through your legal aid attorney or lawyer
  • DCSS unit

How Are Child Support Payments Enforced in Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) enforces child support to provide child support services per state and federal policies. DCSS applies administrative procedures to provide various services while enforcing child support orders. The Illinois Department of Child Support Services can implement enforcement measures if parents fail to honor their responsibilities.

But the backlog of cases often hinders the department's efficiency, resulting in delays. Thus, it is more convenient to procure the services of a private attorney in urgent or complicated cases as they would be quicker at going to court and requesting the judge to enforce a child support order.

However, private attorneys charge high legal fees. But there is another effective alternative.

Demand Child Support Payments With the Help Of DoNotPay

If you want to file a demand letter for late child support payments but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search child support on DoNotPay and enter the details of the person who owes the payments. 
  2. Tell us more about the payment schedule, including the amount and frequency of the payments, the last payment they made, the number of missed payments, and how much they owe you in total. 
  3. Confirm your contact information and select whether you want us to mail or email the letter on your behalf. Choose how you would like to receive the payment and verify your signature. 

Why Use DoNotPay to Solve a Child Support Issue?

  1. Fast: you don't have to be subjected to long wait times as you await the DCSS to deal with your case.
  2. Easy: you cannot request child support at the convenience of your home following the three easy steps.
  3. Successful: We will do all we can to ensure you get the child support as ordered.

Why Work With DoNotPay?

  • DoNotPay will help you learn more about the maximum period for child support and child support arrears.
  • It is also effective in helping you know what's covered.

Child Support Guides by State

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding child support, making the entire process confusing and overwhelming. Luckily, DoNotPay has child support guides for each state. Find yours below:

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