Easy Way to Find an Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity Theft Easy Way to Find an Identity Theft Lawyer

Did Someone Steal Your Identity? DoNotPay Can Help You Find an Identity Theft Lawyer!

If someone steals your identity, it can be life-altering, leading you to have troubles opening a new credit account. The damage is widespread, and you need someone to deal with multiple creditors or represent you against lawsuits for past-due accounts.

You can try to find an identity theft lawyer on your own, but you might have a hard time choosing the right one or locating one in your area that specializes in this type of work. You don't need to do it alone. When you've been a victim of identity theft, DoNotPay can help you in many ways.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft happens when someone you know or don't know assumes your identity with your personal information and opens new financial accounts. It's a serious crime that can create upheaval in your life.

As you try to straighten your finances out, you may find that the companies who opened the accounts don't want to cooperate because they have your personal information. When this happens, you need an identity theft lawyer to fight on your side.

Signs That You May Be a Victim of Identity Theft

The best way to avoid identity theft and the need for an attorney is to recognize the early signs. There are signs that you might notice early on, and these include:

  • You check your credit report and notice new accounts you didn't open even if they have no balance
  • You check your credit report and notice new inquiries for credit
  • Someone calls about a past due account that you didn't open

What to Do if Your Identity Is Stolen

Quick action is the best way to deal with identity theft, and there are steps you should take as soon as you realize that your identity has been stolen. Here are a few:

1. Reach Out to the Creditors

See accounts you didn't open? Contact those creditors as soon as possible and advise them that you didn't open the account.

2. Block More Information From Being Added to Your Credit File

You need to freeze your credit reports to ensure that no additional false information is added to them.

3. Advise Your Local Police Department

Stop by or call your local police department and file an identity theft police report.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

There are things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. This includes:

  • When it comes to phone and email, don't share any personal details unless you called or emailed the company first
  • Make sure you know the most recent scams for personal information
  • Protect your personal information by storing paperwork in a safe location

How to Freeze Your Credit Report When You Experience Identity Theft

When you discover you've been the victim of identity theft, there are some steps you can take immediately to mitigate the damage, such as freezing your credit report. The three major credit bureaus and their contact information are:


Solve the Challenges of Finding an Identity Theft Lawyer With the Help of DoNotPay

There are times when your case of identity theft is so complicated that you need an identity theft lawyer to help you sort it out. It might be that you're being sued by creditors that you didn't open an account with. An identity theft lawyer specializes in your type of case and can help you deal with the situation. DoNotPay can help you find the right attorney in your area.

How to deal with identity theft using DoNotPay in three easy steps:

  1. Search "identity theft" on DoNotPay and select the type of incident you would like to report.


  2. Tell us more about the incident that occurred, including the location, date, time, financial loss, and any suspect information you may have.


  3. We'll identify whether you should file an FTC report, contact the IRS, freeze your credit report, contact state agencies, or file a police report. Once we guide you through the best options, we'll automatically submit the reports on your behalf.


And that's it. DoNotPay will make sure your issue gets sent to the right place. We'll upload confirmation documents to your task for you to view, and if the contacts need more information, they will reach out to you personally via email or mail.

Why Use DoNotPay to Help You Find an Identity Theft Lawyer

You can attempt to find an identity theft attorney on your own, but DoNotPay is the best choice. There are three main reasons to choose DoNotPay, such as:

  1. It's successful
  2. It's easy
  3. It's fast

DoNotPay Helps With Many Identity Theft Concerns

You may realize you have other identity theft concerns you have to still deal with. DoNotPay can help with identity theft in a variety of ways. Some of the most popular include:

Anything Else DoNotPay Can Do?

DoNotPay has solutions to many different problems. Here are a few things to start with:

Solve your identity theft issues with DoNotPay today.

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