Which Idaho Property Tax Exemption Do You Qualify For?

Reducing Property Taxes Which Idaho Property Tax Exemption Do You Qualify For?

Find Out Which Idaho Property Tax Exemption You Qualify For!

With an average urban tax rate of 1.32% and the rural rate of 0.89%, Idaho is one of the most expensive states for homeowners. Applying for an Idaho property tax exemption is one of the options for people who need to lower their property tax bills

How do you know if you’re eligible to get the exemption? DoNotPay is here to help you determine if you qualify for one of the exemptions and show you the easiest way to apply.

Property Taxes From A to Z

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the importance of paying property taxes. The taxing jurisdiction uses the revenue to fund crucial services beneficial to all residents, including schools, libraries, hospitals, and fire departments. Each county and school district determines the property tax rate based on the annual financial needs. 

Most homebuyers take the tax rate into consideration when looking for a property to buy, as it can influence their annual tax bill significantly. Some of the American states with the lowest property taxes are Louisiana, Hawaii, and Alabama, while New Jersey and Texas have the highest rates.

The following table shows the average property tax rate of the most populous counties in Idaho:

CountyProperty Tax Rate
Ada County1.19%
Kootenai County0.94%
Canyon County1.42%
Bonneville County1.46%
Twin Falls County1.54%

Property Tax Assessment Explained

Your county’s property tax rate is only one of the factors that influence your property tax bill. The assessed value of your property is equally important, and it depends on multiple aspects, such as the property’s curb appeal, location, neighborhood, and interior.

Each taxing jurisdiction has an assessor who appraises a property and calculates the owner’s property tax bill. The assessor will visit your home to inspect it and perform a property assessment. You should keep him or her company so that you can point out both the good and the bad and ensure a fair appraisal. 

You have the right to request the property assessment card and schedule a reassessment if you think that there’s been a mistake. 

Do You Qualify for One of the Idaho Property Tax Exemptions?

If you’d like to lower your property tax bill in Idaho, you should apply for a property tax exemption. While every Idaho county has different rules regarding the exemptions, most of them offer the following relieves:

  1. Homeowner’s exemption
  2. Property tax reduction program
  3. Property tax deferral program
  4. Disabled veterans exemption

Homeowner’s Exemption

The homeowner’s exemption—in many other states known as the homestead exemption—deducts 50% of your property’s value if the property is your primary residence. The exemption also applies to one acre of land, and the maximum exempt amount is $100,000. 

You should apply only once, and the exemption will stay valid until you:

  • Move to another primary residence
  • No longer own the property
  • Put the property in a trust

Property Tax Reduction Program

The program reduces qualified individuals’ primary residence taxes for up to $1,320 based on their income. You qualify for the property tax reduction program—also known as a circuit breaker—if:

  • Your income doesn’t exceed $31,900
  • You fit into one of the following categories:
    • Seniors older than 65
    • Widow(er)s
    • Former prisoners
    • Single-parent children younger than 18
    • Blind and disabled residents
    • Veterans with a 10% disability

Property Tax Deferral Program

Eligible individuals who qualify for the property tax deferral program can postpone paying for the property taxes. The taxes will have to be repaid to the state with interest. You qualify for the program if:

  • The property in question is your primary residence
  • Your combined income doesn’t exceed $46,488
  • You fit into the same categories as the property tax reduction program participants

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Veterans who are 100% disabled because of a service-related injury can get an exemption of up to $1,320 for their primary residence. The surviving spouses also qualify for the exemption for the same property. The property tax relief isn’t transferable to a new home after the qualifying veteran passes away.

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