Idaho Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans Explained

The Gist of the Idaho Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

If you live in the Gem State and need help with paying property taxes, you can count on different tax relief programs. One way to lower your property taxes is to learn whether you meet the qualifications for the Idaho property tax exemption for disabled veterans. DoNotPay is here to help you get all the info quickly!

What You Need To Know About the Idaho Property Veteran Tax Benefit

Idaho offers property tax relief for 100% service-connected disabled veterans living in this state. This program involves your home and up to one acre of land. If you qualify for this tax benefit, your property tax might be reduced up to $1,320. There is no income limit for this program.

To meet the criteria and enjoy the benefits of the Idaho property veteran tax benefit, you need to:

  1. Own a property (mobile homes count as well) and live in Idaho since 2015
  2. Have a current homeowner’s exemption
  3. Be a 100% service-connected disabled veteran with proof from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

There is even a way for people who live in a nursing home or a care facility to qualify—you only need to get in touch with your county assessor’s office for more details.

A surviving spouse has the right to use this property tax benefit, but they may not transfer it to any other property after the veteran dies. You need to apply for this benefit each year because it is not renewed automatically.

Other Property Tax Exemptions Available in Idaho

You may have the right to qualify for other property tax exemptions in Idaho in addition to the one for disabled veterans. Check out your other options in the table below:

Property Tax Exemption


Homeowner’s ExemptionWith this exemption, you can reduce your property’s value by 50% if the home is your primary residence. The exempt amount can be up to $100,000 and applies to one acre of land
Property Tax Reduction ProgramThis program is also known as the circuit breaker. To qualify for it, you need to have an income lower than $31,900. You may also apply if you are a widow(er), former prisoner, single parent, blind or disabled, senior citizen (older than 65), or a veteran with a 10% disability
Property Tax Deferral ProgramThis program allows qualifying individuals to postpone the payment of their property taxes.

They will need to repay the taxes with interest later on.

You may apply for this program if you use the property as your principal residence, have a combined income that is not higher than $46,488, and meet the criteria of the Property Tax Reduction Program

Use DoNotPay To See if You Are Eligible for an Idaho Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Finding out if you qualify for a property tax exemption can be a tiring and time-consuming task. It doesn't have to be that way if you use DoNotPay! Your virtual assistant will provide you with the answer you are looking for in a few minutes. You only need to complete these easy steps:

  1. Find and open the Property Tax product
  2. Answer some questions regarding the property you own
  3. Provide us with some personal information

If it turns out that you are eligible for a property tax exemption in Idaho, DoNotPay will help you complete the application process as well. We also have the scoop on other states with low property taxes.

File Property Tax Appeals in Idaho With DoNotPay’s Help

You can choose to file a property tax appeal and lower your property taxes this way as well. To do so, you will need a proper reason, such as seeing that the property tax assessment includes property that is not yours anymore. Another reason for filing an appeal would be noticing a huge difference between the amount of this year's and last year’s property taxes.

If you want to appeal with our app’s help, and open the Property Tax product. With our instructions, you’ll know how to:

  • Negotiate with the property tax assessor
  • Come in possession of evidence to reduce the tax assessment value

You will be ready for the property tax appeal hearing in no time.

Can You Do Anything Else To Lower Your Property Taxes in Idaho?

The two most efficient ways of lowering your property taxes are property tax exemptions and appeals. You may try a few other techniques that might help you with these expenses. The common methods are:

  • Shadowing the property tax assessor while they are in your house—You will be able to see if they are doing their job according to the rules
  • Avoiding any sort of property improvements before the assessment—Renovation can increase the property value
  • Searching for inaccuracies on your tax bill—Mistakes happen, and noticing one could save you a lot of money

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