How to File IC3 Complaints the Easy Way

How to File IC3 Complaints the Easy Way With DoNotPay

With around 400 cybercrime attacks happening daily in the US, it is no surprise that the number of internet crime complaints filed with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has skyrocketed. The IC3 is a reporting platform that helps the public report internet-related crimes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI investigates the reports and disseminates the info to law enforcement agencies and public awareness.

While IC3 offers a convenient platform for reporting complaints, the company has been in the spotlight for slow response and poor customer service, which has led to frustrations among citizens filing complaints. Their online customer support system is inefficient, and their phone support staff are slow in handling complaints.

If you have had issues with the company, you can sue them in a small claims court and get the compensation you deserve for their negligence. In this guide, DoNotPay shall cover how you can file  easily using DoNotPay at the comfort of your home and get the rightful compensation you deserve.

How to Contact IC3 To Make a Complaint

Do you have any trouble with IC3 services? Have you run into issues with any of their services? If you have used the company's services and are not satisfied with how they served you, you can file a complaint against them. Due to the nature of the business, IC3 offers only one way to contact them, and that is via their official website, which you can use to ask them to address your complaint.

How to File a Complaint Against IC3

If IC3 failed to give satisfactory service, filing a complaint against them is the best option to help you get compensated for their negligence. You can also lodge your complaint against them or escalate the issue further to other companies if you have been frustrated with their poor services, including:

Better Business Bureau (BBB)Aims to promote trustworthy business with fair trade practices. Call BBB at 2453-362-613 or contact them online through their official website to file a complaint.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)Protects consumers against unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent business practices. To escalate an IC3 complaint with the FTC, contact them at (202) 326-2222 or online at
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)Helps consumers make important financial decisions and achieve their goals by protecting against unfair, deceptive, or abusive financial practices. Contact them at (202) 435-9316.

Take IC3 To Small Claims Court if Your Issue Is Not Resolved

In the event IC3 fails to address your complaint after taking you through rounds from one representative to another or they have refused to compensate you for their failure to provide a satisfactory service, you can take the matter to the small claims court.

To commence the legal process, you must create a demand letter which you will send to IC3, notifying them that you want to pursue legal action against them. The demand letter should contain the following:

  1. Your name and contact details
  2. Your complaint against IC3 includes all the details and specifics
  3. Your demand - the amount of damages you're seeking
  4. You must also sign and date the letter before sending it

IC3 will have up to 30 days to respond to the demand letter. If they fail to respond or reject the offer, you can proceed with filing a lawsuit against them in a small claims court. Here is how to:

  • Submit the claim online through the court's online portal by filling out a form providing all the details about your case, including your personal information, the defendant's details, your complaint, and why you are filing a complaint against IC3
  • If they don't have an online portal, file the claim in person through the court clerk's office. The judge will then assess your case and schedule a hearing, usually within 45 days, to hear both sides. You will get to present your claim and the evidence and how IC3 wronged you and caused monetary damages to you.

If the judge rules in your favor, IC3 will be ordered by the court to compensate you as requested. The court may also levy a fine against them.

How to Sue IC3 in Small Claims Court With DoNotPay

Filing a lawsuit against IC3 is a time-consuming and expensive process. Besides, with the legal jargon involved in legal proceedings, preparing the necessary documents yourself can be extremely challenging. 

But, does this mean you will never get your compensation? DoNotPay is here to help generate and draft important legal documents for you without the high cost of hiring a lawyer. Our robot lawyer will create a demand letter for you and guide you through filling all the necessary court documents in minutes.

Simply answer a few questions about your claim and provide any evidence to help build a strong case. DoNotPay will then do all the legwork for you.

Here's how to start a small claims lawsuit against IC3 with DoNotPay:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and select the Sue Now product.


  2. Tell DoNotPay how much you are owed by the company, if applicable.


  3. Select the reason for your lawsuit.


  4. Provide details about why you're filing the lawsuit including photographic proof and other important information.


And that's all you need - no lawyers, no time-consuming court proceedings, no attorney fees. Just an easy-to-use robot lawyer that does everything for you. After providing all the necessary documents, DoNotPay will draft a professional demand letter and serve it to IC3. Do you need help with any other business entity or corporation? Use DoNotPay to file complaints against Walmart, USPS, Chipotle, One Shot Keto, Starbucks, Somatic, Taco Bell, Walgreens, CarShield, or DoorDash conveniently without the hassle.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is a multi-purpose robot lawyer that can help you solve a myriad of everyday struggles you might face. Whether you want help with divorce settlement agreements, powers of attorney, or filing complaints against your neighbor, DoNotPay makes it easy to get the legal help you need. Here are several problems DoNotPay will help you solve conveniently:

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