Do You Need a Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement Template?

Don’t Rely Only on a Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement Template

Creating legal documents can be a real hassle. Do you need to visit a law office every time you need a new contract for your business operations?

Can you trust a husband and wife LLC operating agreement template to draw up your LLC contract?

While templates are useful, DoNotPay offers other options you can consider and even use together to generate the necessary documentation.

Should You Make a Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement?

Limited liability companies (LLCs) need to have operating agreements in some states, including:

  1. Maine
  2. Missouri
  3. New York
  4. California
  5. Nebraska
  6. Delaware

Here are some common circumstances when a spouse should become a member of the LLC—when the spouse:

  • Receives payment for his or her contribution
  • Interacts with the public on behalf of the LLC
  • Is regularly involved with the business operations

A spouse should be a member of the company when he or she regularly works in it since LLCs are established to protect their members from personal liabilities (e.g., for business debts).

You should keep in mind that:

  • All current members must agree to the new member’s addition before amending the operating agreement
  • The spouse should have a certain percentage of the voting and profit rights to avoid possible complications with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

What Is the Purpose of a Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement?

The purpose of a husband and wife LLC operating agreement is to create a contract that outlines the management plan and terms if:

  • The company goes into liquidation
  • A spouse has to buy the other one out

Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement Template

To have a better understanding of what a husband and wife LLC operating agreement should include, here is an example:

Agreement Parts

Extra Information

PartiesIn this case, contractual parties and members of the LLC are a husband and wife
Name Here is where the name of the LLC is stated
Articles of organizationYou should state here the name of the state institution where you filed the articles of your organization
DurationEnter here the duration of the LLC, e.g., until dissolved
Principal officeYou:
  • Should state here the initial address of the principal office
  • Can add that the members might relocate at some time
Registered office and registered agentThis part should include:
  1. Company’s registered office address
  2. Name of the registered agent at the given address
Purposes and powersYou should explain here:
  • Why the LLC was set up, e.g., to conduct any lawful business that an LLC may engage in under the Act
  • What powers the company has, e.g., the power to do anything necessary
Title to assetsThis part explains that the title to assets of the LLC are held in the name of the company
MembersYou should list here all company’s members’:
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Contribution amounts
  • Ownership interest, i.e., a specific percentage

How To Create a Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement

To make a husband and wife LLC operating agreement, you can:

  1. Consult a lawyer
  2. Do it yourself using online templates
  3. Use DoNotPay’s efficient Standardized Legal Documents feature

Do You Need To Visit a Lawyer?

A lawyer can create all legal documents and contracts for your business. While it might be a sound decision, you can end up paying a hefty sum for this service.

To reduce part of the costs, you can create the agreement yourself using the options listed below and then ask a lawyer to review the final version.

Is Using Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement Templates a Good Idea?

You can google available contract templates by typing the name of the document you need. While some platforms may offer useful and free templates you can use as the starting point and adapt to your project, you should keep in mind that a few websites might bill you for accessing, downloading, and editing their templates.

How Can DoNotPay Help Me?

DoNotPay keeps designing new user-friendly tools to help deal with taxing administrative procedures. One of our features—Standardized Legal Documents—can assist you in the creation of numerous documentation and legal paperwork you need to secure your personal or professional interests.

Not only do we have your interests at heart, but we also try to contribute to the reduction of your operational costs by offering you a way to:

  1. Draw up a limitless number of contracts for the same price—
  2. Combine and use our different products for the price of a single monthly subscription—some of the features can be used together to save your time, money, and energy

Get a Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement via DoNotPay

Our AI-powered app can simplify and speed up a lot of your everyday tasks. We are striving to create helpful solutions to your bureaucratic issues.

To create a husband and wife LLC operating agreement, and take these short steps:

  1. Select the Standardized Legal Documents feature
  2. Type in Operating Agreement
  3. Provide answers to a few basic questions our chatbot will ask

Upon these three steps, you will receive a husband and wife LLC operating agreement tailored to your specific circumstances.

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