Hurricane Insurance Claims Explained

Insurance Claims Hurricane Insurance Claims Explained

A Guide To Understanding the Hurricane Insurance Claims

Hurricane season occurs every year and causes damage to countless households and people residing in high-risk coastal areas. Having hurricane insurance is important and can come in handy to help you recover after storm-caused devastation. You can claim hurricane insurance with ease using DoNotPay and be a little more at ease when the next windy season kicks in!

The Hurricane Insurance Coverage

Hurricane insurance differs from state to state, and it doesn’t always cover every type of damage that can happen during the disaster. To stay ahead and ensure protection for every possible outcome, you can get:

  1. Flood insurance
  2. Homeowner insurance
  3. Windstorm insurance

Check out the table below to see what they usually cover:

Insurance TypeCoverage

Flood Insurance

  • Your house and its foundation
  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Air conditioning, furnaces, and water heaters
  • Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and built-ins like dishwashers
  • Permanently installed carpeting over an unfinished floor
  • Permanently installed wallboard, paneling, bookcases, and cabinets
  • Window blinds
  • Detached garages
  • Debris removal
  • Water heater

Homeowner Insurance

  • Fire or lightning
  • Smoke
  • Windstorms and hail
  • Explosions
  • Riots
  • Damage from aircraft
  • Damage caused by vehicles
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Falling objects
  • Weight of ice, snow, and sleet
  • Any water overflow and discharge from household systems, such as plumbing, air conditioning, and appliances
  • Freezing of those same household systems
  • Sudden damage from a power surge
  • Unexpected cracking and tearing of a hot water system, steam system, air conditioning, or fire-protective system

Windstorm Insurance

  • Damage resulting from a hurricane wind of any magnitude
  • All tropical storms that aren’t technically classified as a hurricane
  • Tornado damage (in the Midwest and central plains regions)
  • Hailstorms that bring high winds

How Much Does Hurricane Insurance Cost?

The price of hurricane insurances depends on the type of your home and the combined insurances you choose. The average price of homeowners insurance amounts to around $900 per year, where the cost of flood insurance is around $600. If you decide to get another insurance to go along with these two, the yearly cost you will have to pay can amount to a few thousand dollars.

Can I File a Hurricane Insurance Claim on My Own?

You can claim your hurricane insurance by yourself using the methods provided by the company covering your property. This can be done over the phone, on the company’s website, by email, or in person.

Can I File My Insurance Claim ViaYes/No
In PersonYes
Company WebsiteYes

Keep in mind that the methods of filing insurance claims stated above are common for most companies. The best way to find out how to file insurance claims on your own is by contacting your provider directly.

To bypass complicated procedures and extensive research, file your claim with DoNotPay.

File Your Hurricane Insurance Claims the DoNotPay Way

Avoid getting lost in the sea of information and claim your insurance in a few clicks by turning to DoNotPay for help! We will guide you through the entire process and provide you with a step-by-step guide to make it as efficient as possible!

Visit DoNotPay in any web browser and follow the next few steps to file your insurance claim easily:

  1. Decide which type of insurance you wish to claim
  2. Give us details like your policy number and contact information
  3. Tell us the reason for claiming insurance and the relevant information about the accident

We can also help you file car, accident, property, and unemployment insurance claims!

Did Your Insurance Claim Get Rejected? DoNotPay Can Jump In!

Companies tend to reject initial insurance claims. You have the right to ask your insurer to reconsider the decision and explain the reason for denying your claim. 

If your claim gets rejected, the easiest way to appeal it is by using our Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim tool to resolve the issue easy-peasy

We can help you appeal rejections from companies like Kemper, Hartford, Metlife, Mapfre, Cricket, and many more.

Here are the steps to filing an appeal with DoNotPay:

  1. Open your web browser and look for the insurance type you need
  2. Select Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim
  3. Finish the appeal process by following the provided instructions

We will compose the appeal letter and submit it in your place.

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