How to Get a Howard County Building Permit

Planning Permissions How to Get a Howard County Building Permit

How to Obtain a Howard County Building Permit

With more people taking the opportunity to work from home, many have considered doing some home renovations and add-ons. One often overlooked aspect of doing home remodels is the need for an official Howard County Building Permit. Failing to get the correct permit may result in pricey fines from the government.

Luckily for you, we can show you how to get a building permit in Howard County, Indiana. Not to mention our helpful resources for learning the basics about building permits.

The following guide will show you how to get a on your own and when a permit is necessary.

When Is It Necessary to Get Howard County, Indiana Building Permits?

Howard County only requires a permit if a new structure is erected or installed. This includes homes, garages, and mobile homes. However, the City of Kokomo has additional permit requirements. Kokomo residents must have building permits for:

  • Building a new home or garage
  • Developing or remodeling a commercial structure
  • Making any structural modifications
  • Adding an addition to an existing structure
  • Upgrading or modifying electrical services
  • Installing a hot tub or swimming pool
  • Any new or re-taps into Kokomo's sanitary sewer
  • Any removal of an existing structure
  • Any installation or replacement of a driveway or sidewalk

How Can I Get a Howard County Building Permit?

Applications must be submitted to the Howard County Plan Commission. This can be done at the Howard County Administration Center in Kokomo. The application will need to include:

  1. Address of property where construction will take place
  2. Property location lot or legal description
  3. Current use of property
  4. Proposed use
  5. Zoning classification
  6. Township
  7. If the property is located on a floodplain
  8. The estimated cost of construction
  9. Lot Dimensions
  10. Specifications of new building size, including height and square footage
  11. Residents in Kokomo may need to submit additional information. Such as type of construction and if any new electrical or sewage taps will be needed.

What Fees Are Associated With Getting a Howard County Building Permit?

Howard County Improvement Location Permit Fees are as follows:

Types of FeesAmount
For Each $1,000 of Estimated Construction Cost ($100 minimum; $1,000 maximum)$1
Temporary Sign Permit$75
Certificate of Occupancy Fee$50 for residential; $75 for non-residential
Exceeded Budget Fee$10 fee for every $1,000 over the original budget
Temporary Mobile Home Permit$250
Temporary Mobile Home Permit Extension$250

Kokomo Permit Fees (Applies to All Additions, Alterations, and Remodeling)

  1. $75 fee for construction costs under $15,000
  2. $150 fee for construction costs between $15,001 and $50,000.
  3. $200 fee for construction costs between $50,001 and $100,000.
  4. $500 fee for construction costs over $100,001. An additional $0.50 fee per $1,000 of construction costs thereafter.

Kokomo inspection fees are $25. Certain projects mandate a minimum number of inspections. They are as follows:

  • New house - 4 inspections ($100 total)
  • New garage - 3 inspections ($75 total)
  • New swimming pool or hot tub - 2 inspections ($50 total)
  • Remodeling - 4 inspections ($100 total)
  • Porch or carport - 2 inspections ($50 total)

Additional permit fees are applicable in Kokomo for new electrical work, sewage taps, and other miscellaneous permit fees. The full Kokomo fee schedule is available online.

Submitting Your Application for a Howard County Building Permit

After completing your application and paying the association fees, the application needs to be submitted to the Howard County Administration Center. The Plan Commission will then review your proposal. If rejected, applicants are eligible to appeal.

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