How To Use a Free Blank Purchase Agreement Form

Standardized Legal Documents How To Use a Free Blank Purchase Agreement Form

Get the Best  Free Blank Purchase Agreement Form 

A purchase agreement is the final negotiation stage between a buyer and a seller. That’s why creating a comprehensive purchase agreement is imperative when it comes to closing business deals.

But what happens if you can’t afford expensive services? Can you rely on a free blank purchase agreement form to meet all necessary legal requirements? 

DoNotPay will explain where to find a free blank purchase agreement form and teach you how to recognize reliable contract templates!

What Are the Most Important Elements of a Purchase Agreement?

Before any large purchase, the seller and buyer need to negotiate the price and terms of the transaction. The purchase agreement has to be created and signed before the exchange of money or property, as opposed to the bill of sale, which you can get after the transaction. 

A valid purchase agreement needs to outline the crucial aspects of the transaction, including the:

  1. SellerA person who owns the property and intends to sell it
  2. BuyerA person who will become the new owner
  3. Property—The description of the property in question
  4. PriceThe amount the buyer will pay for the property
  5. Payment—The date and payment method for buying the property

A purchase agreement has to meet your state’s legal requirements, so check local laws for precise information.

How To Choose a Free Blank Purchase Agreement Form

One way to get a purchase agreement form is to download an online template. If you type in the required keyword in your web browser, you will see an array of purchase agreement templates. To a layman, they all seem legit, so deciding on one can be quite a challenge.

The issue with online purchase agreement templates is that they are generic. You can apply a couple of tricks to find the proper form. Take a look at the table below for more details:

Tips for Choosing a Purchase Agreement Template


Be specific about your requirementsBefore choosing a purchase agreement template, you have to know which sections you want to include and what specific state requirements you must meet
Look for professional websitesAmateurish-looking websites are not likely to have reliable templates.

You shouldn’t use blank forms because they are tricky to fill out if you have no legal expertise. It is safer and easier to rely on templates with pre-included mandatory sections. The best option would be to have a lawyer look over your first draft. That way, the price of services will be lower, and you will have a confirmation that all legalities are in place. 

Necessary Sections of a Reliable Purchase Agreement Form

A well-written purchase agreement ensures that both parties are aware of their responsibilities and helps avoid potential misunderstandings.

Here are the sections a well-drafted purchase agreement needs to include:

  • Execution provisionDetails the structure of the deal and the payment form
  • Representations and warrantiesOutlines the item being sold and details of the seller’s proof of ownership
  • CovenantsDescribes the agreement between the buyer and the seller regarding the item
  • Conditions to closingDetails the criteria both parties have to meet before closing the transaction
  • Termination provisionsDescribes conditions of terminating the agreement
  • Break up feesOutlines the fee that the involved party must pay if they back out of the transaction 

Which Purchase Agreement Forms Should You Download?

The transaction type dictates what purchase agreement form you should be looking for. Make sure to enter a specific keyword when searching for a template. You can choose some of the following purchase agreements:

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