Learn How To Trademark a Username With DoNotPay

Trademark Registration Learn How To Trademark a Username With DoNotPay

How To Trademark a Username in a Few Simple Steps

Combining small businesses and social media is a marriage of convenience. Apart from providing advertising opportunities, platforms like Facebook and Instagram enable you to maintain a close relationship with your customers.

If your username has become an inseparable part of your brand identity, why not take steps to protect it? In this article, we explain how to trademark a username by using DoNotPay and explore the advantages of trademark registration.

Can You Register a Trademark for Your Username?

Any symbol can be considered a trademark, and usernames are no exception. The only condition is that you either actively use it or intend to use it in commerce.

Trademarks come in the form of:

If you have an established online presence, you should consider filing a trademark for your username. While not legally required, a trademark is a necessary feature for growing brands with social media exposure. Here are some of the leading reasons why business owners should apply for registration:

  1. Legal protection—Much like copyright, trademarks and service marks will protect your brand from infringement
  2. Grounds for litigation—If a competitor tries to steal your trademark, you can pursue legal action against the infringing company or individual
  3. Proof of ownership—The federal court recognizes trademark registration certificates as irrefutable proof of ownership
  4. Instant recognizability—Customers will be able to identify your products more easily
  5. Interception of counterfeit goods—The U.S. Custom and Border Protection will confiscate imported goods labeled with your trademark. All you have to do is present the registration certificate

Trademark Protection Explained

You don’t have to register a trademark to acquire a basic level of protection. Common law rights can safeguard your brand within a specified geographical area.

When it comes to usernames, applying for trademark registration is the best course of action. You will require more than local protection when doing business in online spaces.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office offers the following options:

  1. State registration—You can apply for a state-issued registration and protect your username within a certain U.S. state. The downside is that your rights as the trademark holder are limited to said state
  2. Federal registration—Once you acquire federal trademark protection, your username will be added to the public database. You can also use the R symbol in your trademark henceforth
  3. International registration—There are no international trademark protection laws that are universally acclaimed, but there is an international treaty. The Madrid Protocol has over a hundred signees and guarantees protection in most European countries

How To Trademark a Username With the USPTO

You can complete the registration process yourself if you fulfill all the trademark requirements. Check out how to trademark a username with the USPTO in the table below:

Trademark RequirementDescription
Having an original usernameYou need to make sure your username isn’t already registered as a trademark. Make sure to do a thorough search of the USPTO database beforehand
Including trademark categorizationAccording to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), all goods and services should be sorted into trademark classes. Since the categories are broad, you can find a fitting placement for your username
Completing a trademark application formThe last step is filling out a Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) form with the following data:

  • Your legal name
  • Contact information (phone number and email address)
  • The type of trademark you are registering (i.e., username)
  • Proof of use in commerce
  • Verification of paid application fees

Note that the cost of registration depends on the filing option you choose. Applicants are charged for each trademark category they include in the form. The pricing can range from $250 per class to $700 (paper filing option).

If you choose to hire an IP lawyer to check the paperwork, you are looking at additional expenses. The flat attorney fees are incredibly steep, ranging from $200 to $2,000.

Trademarks also have expiration dates—registering can incur more expenses down the line (e.g., trademark renewal fees).

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DoNotPay has created a plethora of simple-to-use features that will help you run your business the best way possible. Here are some aspects we can help you take care of:

RegistrationsLegal Documents
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