Find Out How To Trademark a Phrase Without Losing Your Temper

Trademark Registration Find Out How To Trademark a Phrase Without Losing Your Temper

How To Trademark a Phrase—A Detailed Guide

By registering a phrase related to your small business as a trademark, you protect the specific words that characterize your brand from copycats. Whether you have a unique T-shirt phrase for your clothing brand or want to trademark a slogan along with a suitable logo, the process is the same. You must trademark your creation with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to get exclusive rights to use it and prevent others from stealing it.

What do you need to do to make your business phrase legally protected? This article solves the dilemma! Learn how to trademark a phrase quickly and with style and make your business solutions stand out from the sea of similar goods and services on the market.

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Why Are Trademarks Important?

If you are wondering whether you really need a registered mark that much, the answer is—yes, you do! Along with service marks and copyrights, trademarks make a huge difference when it comes to protecting the uniqueness of your brand.

Here are some benefits you get from registering your phrase with the USPTO:

  • You build trust and reputation—investors prefer businesses that have their name, logo, or slogan trademarked
  • Your mark becomes nationally valid, which means nobody from any part of the USA can choose the same or a similar solution for their businesses
  • A trademark serves as a recognition of the quality of your goods, as the customers will associate the quality with the name or image of your brand
  • If you renew your phrase trademark, it can last as long as your business operates
  • The trademark renewal costs are quite low having in mind that you pay the particular amount every ten years
  • You can start using the ® symbol and mark your products with it
  • A registered trademark can be licensed to another person or company, allowing them to use it for commercial purposes and even sue other people who try to copy it

How To Register a Phrase as a Trademark—A Complete Guide

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the trademark application procedure:

Run a USPTO trademark searchOne of the crucial trademark registration requirements is originality. You must check the USPTO database and see if the phrase you want to trademark has already been used by another person or entity. If it is, you must modify it to make it unique and be able to register it without difficulties
Determine the filing method you should chooseA phrase you have already started using for commercial purposes must be filed based on the use-in-commerce method. If you plan to start using a phrase in the future, you should file it under the intent-to-use method
Classify your goodsChoose appropriate trademark class (or classes) for your phrase. Additional categories entail higher trademark application fees
Complete the application form onlineYou will have to use the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) and one of its two versions—TEAS Plus or TEAS Standard. Always double-check if all the information you provided is correct as mistakes are one of the most common reasons why trademark applications get rejected
Pay the processing feeThe application costs vary depending on the


  1. TEAS Plus—$250 per trademark class
  2. TEAS Standard—$350 per trademark class
Respond to the Office actions on timeAfter receiving your application, the examining attorney will send you a summary of the information you provided in the form. Send them a response within six months of receiving the report

What Else Can Be Trademarked?

Besides phrases, names, logos, and slogans, you can trademark other elements that express the originality of your business ideas. These include:

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Check out the prompts you should follow to start the process:

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  4. Complete a simple questionnaire about you and your business
  5. Pay the filing fees

In mere minutes, your application will be on its way to the USPTO, and you will be one huge step closer to trademarking your brand’s catchphrase.

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