How To Stop Water Runoff from Neighbor’s Yard In a Few Easy Steps

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How To Stop Water Runoff from a Neighbor’s Yard Into Yours—A Few Easy Steps

Does water drainage from your next-door neighbor create significant water damage in your own yard? The obvious question is how to stop water runoff from the neighbor’s yard. Are they liable for the damage?

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How To Block Water Draining From Neighbor’s Yard

There are a few ways you can block water runoff from your neighbor’s property:

  • Build a berm—A berm is a hill covered with grass that can divert the drainage around the area of your land that you want to protect. Think about where that water will go because you might make some changes in a landscape that can create water damage for others
  • Direct water into a dry well—Dig a hole in the ground, which will serve as a dry well. You can put dry wells wherever there are downpipes, and the water will flow into your dry well directly from the roof or any other surface that causes water runoff
  • Replace impermeable surfaces—You can replace concrete with gravel or permeable pavers. This option might prove to be expensive, but if you’re replacing ruined concrete, this is a good idea because gravel can soak up water, unlike concrete
  • Intercept the water—You can intercept the water using a swale or a ditch with sloping sides. Even though it might prove costly, you can build a gravel-filled trench with a perforated pipe at the bottom. This is called a French drain

All of these methods can be costly, so it’s not a bad idea to seek compensation from your neighbor if they are liable for the water damage.

Talk to Your Neighbor About the Water Runoff From Their Property

You need to determine if the water runoff from your neighbor’s property is their fault. Water runoff is the neighbor’s fault in case they changed their landscape in a way that redirects water into your yard. It’s also your neighbor’s fault if they act carelessly with water on their property.

The first and best option is to talk to your neighbor before doing anything drastic. Maybe they will offer a solution or a compromise. Follow these few steps to talk to your neighbor in a friendly manner:

  1. Visit your neighbor at a suitable time
  2. Be polite and patient while you’re talking about the issue
  3. Take them to your property to show them what the water drainage did to it
  4. Try to think of a solution together if they’re open to it

Can Your Neighbor Be Liable for the Damage?

If your neighbor caused the damage, then they can be held responsible. The law in most states has three rules about water damage that a neighbor caused. Find details in the table below:

The RuleDetails
Reasonable useIf your neighbor changed the landscape on their property in some way and this damaged your property, they are liable. You’ll need to prove at court that the change made by your neighbor is what caused water damage.

The three sections that the court will consider are:

  • How important was the alteration?
  • Was your neighbor able to foresee that the alteration could cause damage?
  • How does the value of your property and damage compare to your neighbor’s?
Common enemyYour neighbor can’t be liable if the court decides to follow this rule because every landowner needs to protect their property. Some states made modifications to this rule, so check if your state is one of them—you can still make your neighbor pay for the water damage
Civil lawThis rule is also called the natural flow rule. It’s similar to the reasonable use rule because it holds accountable anyone who changes their property in a way that disrupts the natural flow of water.

If your neighbor changed their property in a way that disrupted the natural flow of water, they are liable

DoNotPay Can Solve Your Issue

If you are certain that your neighbor is responsible for water damage on your property, DoNotPay has a solution for you. We created a Neighbor Complaints product that you can use immediately after you .

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  • The details of your issue
  • Arbitration notice
  • The damages or compensation you seek
  • The warning of further legal steps you might take if the neighbor doesn’t comply

How To Use DoNotPay’s Product

To use the Neighbor Complaints product, sign up for DoNotPay and follow the steps below:

  1. Type in Neighbor Complaints into the search bar
  2. Click on the type of problems you’re experiencing
  3. Add the details about your issue—date of the incident, whether you talked to your neighbor, proof of the damage, etc.

DoNotPay will generate the demand letter automatically and mail it to your neighbor on your behalf.

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