I Want To Know How To Stop Neighbor’s Leaves From Blowing in My Yard

Neighbor Complaints I Want To Know How To Stop Neighbor’s Leaves From Blowing in My Yard

How To Stop Neighbor’s Leaves From Blowing in My Yard—Useful Tips

Spending hours cleaning the yard only to find it covered in leaves the next morning can be quite frustrating. Even if you’re certain the leaves are coming from your neighbor’s tree, you can’t blame them or demand retribution. Is there anything that you can do to make it stop?

In this article, we’ll try to answer your “how to stop neighbor’s leaves from blowing in my yard” question.

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Understand Your Residential Rights

Every property owner is responsible for the trees in their yard if they represent a potential threat to the safety and surrounding properties. That being said, your neighbor is not responsible for—and can’t do anything about—the leaves that blow from their yard into yours.

You do have some power. For example, you have the right to trim the limbs that go over your property, but you have to make sure not to cross the property line while doing that. If the tree in question produces fruit, you don’t have the right to pick them off the tree. What you can do is collect the fruit that falls into your yard.

What Can I Do About the Neighbor's Leaves in My Yard?

Since the falling leaves are considered a natural occurrence, they don’t represent a legal liability for the tree owner. You cannot sue or demand your neighbor to do anything about the issue, but there are other ways to resolve it. We recommend trying some of the following solutions:

  1. Ask your neighbor to trim the trees
  2. Send your neighbor a letter about a tree removal
  3. Build a fence

Ask Your Neighbor To Trim the Trees

The easiest and most obvious solution for dealing with almost any type of neighbor-related problem is talking to them directly. It works the best if you’re already friends with them or talk regularly. Keep in mind that the leaves—while coming from their trees—are not their doing and responsibility, so you should try to be nice and calm while expressing your issue. Ask them if they have any advice or solution, and if not, propose the trimming.

To meet them halfway, you can offer your assistance and even fund the trimming of the trees. When they see how big your problem is, your neighbor might do you a favor and trim the trees in their yard.

Send Your Neighbor a Letter About the Tree Removal

It is important to note that you can request a tree removal only in case the tree is a potential safety hazard or threatens to damage your property. You can use a loophole to get your neighbor to remove the trees causing the problem.

Inspect the trees on your neighbor’s property to see if they:

  • Are overgrown
  • Have rotten, broken, or damaged limbs
  • Rest on your property
  • Look dead or diseased
  • Lean on one side or over your property and appear at risk of falling

If you determine one of the trees is a potential hazard, you can file a complaint and send a letter to your neighbor about the removal of the tree.

Build a Fence

If the neighbor doesn’t want to hear about the problem you’re dealing with, you may have to handle the issue on your own. One of the better techniques for keeping leaves out of your yard is erecting a fence. There are several types of fences, many of which are cheap.

In case you’re putting up a boundary fence, you’ll probably be sharing the costs with your neighbor.

The Best Low-Cost Fence Ideas

Building a fence solely to keep the neighbor’s leaves out of your yard is an unexpected cost. Even if you have the resources, you don’t have to pay too much for installing one. You should consider some of the affordable fencing options from the following table:

Types of FencesDescription
Split rail fence with meshSplit rail fences are cheap and easy to make but won’t keep leaves from the neighbor’s yard if you don’t install a wire mash
Barbed wire fenceIt is one of the cheapest fencing options, and it helps keep the leaves from your yard. This type of fence is not the safest option. You should be aware of that if you have small children or pets
Chain link fenceAnother simple but affordable type of fence is the one made of bent steel wires
Hog wire fenceTo build this fence, all you need are wooden frames and a rigid metal wire. It is an inexpensive and highly effective fencing option
Pallet fenceIf you don’t want to spend a single penny, you should consider building a fence out of wood pallets. You may already have the pallets, or you can pick them up from a construction site. To add an extra level of protection against the leaves, you can add the wire mesh

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