Learn How to Stop Gambling and Save Money

Gambling Protection Learn How to Stop Gambling and Save Money

How To Stop Gambling And Save Money: DoNotPay Can Provide A Helping Hand

More people than most of us realize are asking themselves how to stop gambling and save money. It is a problem that is bigger than many of us realize or want to admit, and it is something that should worry any of us who fear that we may know someone who is falling into the grip of gambling addiction. It is a silent addiction that can swallow a person up and take over their entire life. In fact, it can torpedo any plans that they may have had for their future as it sucks away the opportunities that would have been available to them had their money not been taken out.

We want to look at how to help people who want to make a change for the better and stop gambling. With a few simple steps, it may be possible to close down one's ability to place those bets even if the urge itself never quite leaves the individual. DoNotPay has helped many people and those who love them find a way to get an addicted gambler away from the habit.

What Is Self Exclusion? 

Generally, excluding yourself from an activity sounds like a bad thing, but when it comes to excluding yourself from an addictive habit, it may actually be one of the most helpful things that one can do for themselves. Self-exclusion in terms of banning yourself from gambling websites means the following:

  • The individual (you) has decided to ban themselves from being able to place a bet with that website.
  • The gambling website should immediately cease all contact with that player.
  • The player at the very least gives themselves a cooling-off period if not bans themselves forever.

There are many good reasons to consider self-exclusion, and it can be useful as a tool to reevaluate where you stand with gambling and with your financial life in general. Sometimes it is quite useful to get a look at things from that perspective and try to figure out where to go from that point.

The Guide For Getting Excluded

If you want to stop gambling but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

  1. Search Gambling Protection on DoNotPay. 
  1. Enter the name of the casino and indicate whether it's online or in-person
  1. Tell us which state the casino is located in, or the state you're accessing the online casino from. DoNotPay will then find your state's self-exclusion laws and reference them at your request.
  1. Select how long you want to be banned for (you can choose anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime!)
  1. Answer a few of our chatbot questions so we can help the casino identify you or your online account. If you want to be banned from an in-person casino, it helps to provide information about your height, weight, race, and other identifying features.
  1. Choose whether you want us to email the request to the casino on your behalf. You can also choose to notarize your document to legally verify your identity.

The Dangers Of Doing Self-Exclusion Yourself 

Self-exclusion is an option that all gambling websites must offer to legally operate. Any player who chooses to may go into the website or app and select that they would like to self-exclude from being allowed to play. Doing so means that they will immediately terminate their ability to place a bet or make a deposit (though they can still withdraw their money). 

The dangers of doing self-exclusion on your own include the following:

Self-persuasionYou may talk yourself out of it.
Length of timeYou may accidentally exclude yourself for less time than you meant to.
Ads and websitesYou may see the ads and triggering graphics of the gambling website and be drawn back in.
Relapse and slipYou may be tempted to "place one last bet" .

All of these factors can get a gambling addict to throw in another bet when they know that it is wrong to do so. They just can't help themselves, and then they are suddenly right back into the thick of things. Thus, it is not always the best idea to go it alone when trying to self-exclude. You may want to get a trusted loved one to help you make this happen so that you know it will stick. Remember, your loved ones can be impacted by your actions as well and they should be part of the solution when possible.

DoNotPay Can Help You Self-Exclude Safely 

The DoNotPay website has a list of all state-specific self-exclusion laws as they relate to gambling websites. They keep up with these types of things, and they know where to point you towards to help you ensure that your rights are protected. In the meantime, they can help in the following ways:

  • Single click self-exclusion through their website. No need to go to the gambling website yourself
  • They can communicate with the gambling websites on your behalf so you are not tempted to rejoin or place another bet
  • They can work to get you added to self-exclusion lists that span far and wide

You can certainly get a lot of help from an organization like this that is committed to your success. They are well aware of just how hard it is for so many people to deal with getting the help they need to stop gambling. It is not easy on anyone, and it is not fair to put problem gamblers in a position where they might have to interact with a gambling website when they have made it clear that they would avoid doing so at all costs. To start saving money and put an end to their gambling habit, the addict must avoid all gambling websites immediately. Recovery is possible, but it takes a lot of diligent work to make it happen.

Other Areas Where DoNotPay Can Help

There are other tasks that DoNotPay is known to be helpful with as well, and you should try to check on these while you are paying them a visit. For example, they are known to assist with helping you find resources for:

  1. Paying parking tickets
  2. Getting your utility bills set to auto-pay
  3. Finding the best credit card offers for your situation
  4. Reporting parking violations

There are all kinds of bureaucratic things that we have to deal with regularly, and it is understandable that most people would prefer to cut some of that additional work out of their lives. DoNotPay can help make that happen.

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