How to Save on Gas Effortlessly

Fuel Rewards How to Save on Gas Effortlessly

How to Save on Gas Effortlessly

In 2020, prolonged lockdowns and increased telecommuting resulted in the lowest fuel prices in over a decade. But as is the precarious nature of oil prices, many people are seeking ways to save on gas. The good news is that businesses recognized how rising fuel prices have affected consumers. In response, many of them have launched various types of fuel reward programs that allow loyal customers to earn points towards free gallons of gasoline.

Since you likely don't have time to seek out the best fuel reward point programs available to you, we at DoNotPay did all the legwork for you. We make it as easy and painless as possible to keep your fuel gauge pointing towards full for a lot less than what most others pay.

What Is the Best Way to Save Gas While Driving?

Since most fuel reward programs take time to accumulate enough points to even matter, the next logical thing to consider is finding ways to conserve fuel while driving. The good news is that vehicle efficiency has steadily increased starting in the early 1980s thanks to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975. This law brought with it the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards, which increased the fuel economy of vehicles.

Starting in 1978, the CAFE Standards compelled automakers to meet fleet-wide fuel economy averages. Subsequently, the government has raised the CAFE Standards, essentially forcing automakers to keep innovating more effective fuel efficiency technology. The benefits of this include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, improving our nation's energy security, as well as saving us money at the pump.

So, if automakers have been steadily improving vehicle fuel efficiency for nearly 40 years, why do so many vehicle owners today still feel defeated by rising gas prices? Below are a few tips to consider to help you save gas while driving.

A Vehicle's Fuel Economy Declines as It Ages

As with all other components of a vehicle, parts directly and indirectly associated with maintaining fuel economy wear out over time. If these parts don't stop functioning completely, forcing you to replace them, they're likely not functioning as designed. For example, something as simple as misfiring spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by 30%, according to Investopedia.

Other seemingly minor components like oxygen sensors, Mass Air Flow sensors (MAF), and air filters are also crucial. Thus, regularly maintaining vehicle parts that can make or break fuel economy is important.

A Misaligned Suspension and Incorrect Tire PSI

Anyone who is a fan of motor racing knows how important a perfectly aligned suspension and specific PSI (pounds per square inch) is to a race car. While most of us don't drive our daily commute as if we're driving in the Indianapolis 500, suspension alignment, tire PSI, and tire quality play a big role in fuel economy. Similar to race car drivers, you want your vehicle to experience as little drag as possible. But rather than trying to improve your speed, you're trying to improve your car's overall miles per gallon (mpg).

Utilize Cruise Control Under Suitable Conditions

According to Investopedia, utilizing cruise control under suitable conditions can improve your vehicle's overall fuel economy by approximately 14%. As of mid-July 2021, that could save you between 40 and 45 cents per gallon. It's important to remember to disengage the cruise control whenever you start ascending a hill.

Considering that the average American burns through 565 gallons of gas per year, merely engaging cruise control could shave around $225 off your annual fuel costs. These stats are based on data provided by NewsNation in October 2021.

Fill the Tank During the Night or Early Morning

Being that gasoline is a liquid, it expands the warmer it gets and condenses when surrounding temperatures get cooler. Looking at it another way, a tank full of cool gasoline provides you with more energy than a tank of hot gasoline—more energy for the same price. As insignificant as the time of day or exterior temperature might seem, the reality is you're getting more gas for the same price.

Of course, there are several other tips and tricks savvy car owners use to save money on gas. With DoNotPay, however, you'll have the ultimate tool in your financial toolbox. Our easy-to-use app can help you find all the fuel rewards under the sun to combine with the other techniques.

How Can DoNotPay Help You Save on Gas?

Did you know that you could save money on gas by signing up for fuel rewards? Sign up for a rewards program and start saving on your fuel through DoNotPay!

Nearly every American drives or owns a car — as of 2021, there are 289.5 million cars on the road in the US alone. And while electric vehicles are slowly gaining momentum, the majority of cars still run on one thing — fuel. And we all wish gas prices were cheaper. Whether it's filling up the tank at Costco or visiting a neighboring town for lower gas prices, most people have their own small hacks to save on gas.

Don't have time for all of that? DoNotPay has your back. All you have to do is:

  1. Open DoNotPay and click on the Fuel Rewards Product. 
  2. Choose whether you would like to 1) Sign up for a new rewards account, 2) See your Alt ID, or 3) Check on your fuel points. If it's your first time using our product, you'll be prompted to sign up for a rewards account first. 
  3. If you chose to see your Alt ID or fuel points, DoNotPay will display that information for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you through a few questions so we can sign you up for a rewards account at your favorite gas station on your behalf. 

And that's it! Once you sign up for a rewards account, we'll give you an Alt ID (your phone number) that you can use to redeem savings at the gas station you selected (the savings range anywhere from 5 cents to 25 cents per gallon!) If you ever forget your Alt ID or want to track your fuel points, just open the DoNotPay Fuel Rewards product!

Note: An Alt ID is either your 10-digit phone number or your 10-digit phone number plus your PIN. Insert your credit or debit card to finish the transaction.*

The DoNotPay App Can Also Assist You With the Following Fuel Rewards Programs:

Aside from showing you how to save on gas, DoNotPay can help you with the following fuel rewards programs:

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How Can You Save Money on Gas Yourself?

What most people don't realize is that there's an easier way to consistently save on your gas money. The secret is signing up for fuel rewards. Nearly all gas stations (Shell, Exxon, Krogers, etc.) have fuel rewards programs where you can earn points and redeem them as a credit to save on your gas. By joining these rewards programs, you could be saving 10cents/gallon on your gas!

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can take the following action:

  1. Research which rewards program your favorite gas station belongs to.
  2. Figure out how you can redeem points through the program and how much you can save.
  3. Fill out your personal details and sign up to be a rewards member.
  4. Keep track of your Alt ID and fuel rewards points so you can use them next time you shop at a gas station or fill up on fuel.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Fuel Rewards and Save on Gas?

DoNotPay is a one-stop app that enables you to monitor the maturation of your fuel rewards points, no matter which business is offering them. Furthermore, DoNotPay allows you to redeem your fuel reward points directly on your smartphone, whether it's iOS or Android. On top of that, you can forget about having to carry around a physical fuel rewards card that could end up becoming misplaced when you need it the most.

Sign up today to enjoy the full benefits of DoNotPay services including:

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