How to Report Nepotism in the Workplace

HR Complaints How to Report Nepotism in the Workplace

The Safest Way to Report Nepotism in the Workplace

Nepotism occurs when people in positions of power give preferential treatment to their relatives. This can be especially frustrating when it happens. But how can we stop it?

DoNotPay provides an Anonymous HR Complaint tool you can use to report nepotism in the workplace.

Filing a complaint is only half the battle. You have to make sure you don’t suffer any consequences from reporting what you saw. 

Don’t worry. In this post, we will go over how to recognize nepotism, what you need to report it, and how to use DoNotPay to stay safe from any repercussions.

Spotting Nepotism at the Workplace

Nepotism is bad for the workplace because it threatens fairness and favoritism, which can:

  • lower employee morale
  • create an unhealthy work environment
  • increase employee turnover
  • lower productivity

But keep in mind that a colleague being related to the boss isn’t automatically nepotism. That employee may in fact be the best candidate for the position. Before filing a complaint, you have to ensure what you’re seeing is nepotism. Here’s what to look out for.


Insufficient Qualifications They lack the requisite education or experience for their positions.
Special Treatment They don’t face the same consequences as other employees when they make mistakes. 
Better Pay They may receive higher pay for doing the same work as a regular employee.
Preferential Workload They are picked for more enticing projects and more desirable hours.
Fast Track to Promotions They don’t “climb the corporate ladder,” but rather get quickly promoted up to positions with higher pay and better titles over more qualified candidates.

The Nuts and Bolts of Reporting Nepotism

To remedy nepotism, you need to file a complaint with your HR Department. Here are three tips that will help you prepare for a convincing complaint.

  1. Stay professional: It’s natural to feel frustrated when being treated unfairly. But remain calm and professional. Do your job with poise. You will be in better standing to voice a complaint if you are a model employee.
  2. Document your work: If you are reporting nepotism for your own professional gain—perhaps you were unfairly passed over for a promotion—then you need to be able to show that you were the most deserving candidate. Comb over your past projects to find tangible examples that show you were unfairly passed over for a promotion.
  3. Gather evidence of nepotism: Compile any examples that prove nepotism exists in the workplace. This includes but is not restricted to: times of instances when special treatment was given, proof that the employee received promotions or special projects despite lackluster work performance, and witness accounts from coworkers to corroborate your claim.

The Dangers of Reporting Nepotism in the Workplace

As detailed above, gathering all information and presenting your report in a convincing manner can be a challenge. And even with all the information organized and presented clearly, your name is still on the report. That could bring you unwanted scrutiny at work. 

Remember, reporting nepotism involves calling out the both benefactor and the person in power who is playing favorites. That person in power may use their high position to retaliate and make your work life miserable. 

The sure-fire way to report nepotism and to protect yourself from any backlash is to send an anonymous complaint.

How To Report Nepotism With DoNotPay

One of your colleagues may be benefitting from nepotism. But you can benefit from DoNotPay’s Anonymous HR Complaint product! DoNotPay’s template will help build a rock-solid case you can use to create fairness in your workplace, all while protecting your anonymity. All you have to do is:

1. Go to the Anonymous HR Complaint product on the DoNotPay website


2. Simply type in your employer name and the HR department’s mailing address


3. Describe the issues you have witnessed in the workplace and how you want them to be addressed in the future


That’s it! Let DoNotPay compile the information you entered and it will send your anonymous complaint to the HR department.

How Else Can DoNotPay Help?

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