Learn How to Report Illegal Dumping Easily

City Repairs Learn How to Report Illegal Dumping Easily

Learn How to Report Illegal Dumping in Miami, FL

Dumping is an environmental criminal offense in the city of Miami. Illegal dumping includes improper disposal of:

  • Trash piles
  • Garbage bags
  • Construction waste materials
  • Mound of tires in the streets or empty spaces in the city

The city municipality of Miami always strives to address the issue of illegal dumping to ensure the safety of the residents and preserve the city's aesthetics.

Have you been experiencing the dumping menace in the neighborhood, and tried reporting it to authorities, but they have not taken any action yet? DoNotPay has good news for you. We have devised a product that allows individuals to report someone dumping trash and solve the problem in a hassle-free manner. DoNotPay will help you to ensure a clean and trash-free neighborhood in Miami besides receiving compensation for any damages.

How Do You Report Illegal Dumping in Miami, FL?

The city of Miami Municipal Department considers illegal dumping an environmental crime, and perpetrators face arrest and hefty fines, which can be as high as $1,000. The following summarizes the useful ways to report illegal dumping of trash in your property or neighborhood.

  1. Calling 911 to contact the local police. Avoid any form of confrontation with individuals or parties dumping in the city. You can talk to the person directly if they are dumping trash at your doorstep, but again, avoid confrontation.
  2. Getting the registration number or at least a brief description of the offenders' vehicle or securing your premises with a fence to prevent intruders who may want to turn it into a dumping site. These strategies may sometimes prove challenging to handle the problem at hand, especially if you live away from the dumping site.

Injured as a Result of Illegal Dumping in Miami? Sue the Offenders for Compensation

File a complaint about any damages resulting from illegal dumping on your property. Individuals found guilty of illegal dumping are liable for fines of up to $1,000 besides facing arrest and having their vehicles impounded by the city police. The court can also sentence those found guilty to perform at least 300 hours of community service work. Their primary responsibility during this period will be cleaning up all illegal dumping sites.

Once you report someone for dumping trash on your property, the city municipal will supply them with a Warning Notice of Municipal Code Violation, Chapter 15 (citation). The city municipal department will urge the person to comply with the directives by adhering to the set deadlines per the Municipal Code's Chapter 8CC.

The persons or companies accused of illegal dumping can read the citation and appeal if they feel that they are not responsible for the offense. The appeal should be channeled to the clerk of the court within the appeal deadline.

The court may require you to attend hearings as a witness. The court will determine the amount of compensation you need to receive after assessing the level of damages emanating from illegal dumping.

Why Should I Report Illegal Dumping in Miami, FL?

Continued illegal dumping can impact your property or loved ones negatively. Reporting illegal dumping can be frustrating, especially when the municipal city does the dumping. However, you can overcome these frustrations using DoNotPay.

How Can I Gather Evidence to Prove My Damage Claim?

Evidence determines the amount of compensation you will receive for the injuries and losses resulting from illegal dumping. Some of the methods of collecting evidence include:

Installing and using security camerasRecord instances of dumping on your property or in the neighborhood. The security camera will keep video records that you can present in court.
Taking photosYou can also take pictures of the vehicle and individuals dumping trash on your property and present the images to the police.

How to Report Illegal Dumping in Miami, FL Using DoNotPay

If you want to file a city repair report, but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

1. Go to the City Repairs product on DoNotPay.


2. Choose one of the following options:

  1. Report a maintenance issue to the city
  2. Sue the city for compensation.

3. If you want to report an issue, choose which problem you would like to report (pothole, broken lights, etc.) and tell us more about when you first noticed the issue.

4. If you want to request compensation, tell us whether you either suffered a personal injury or suffered from property damage. Then tell us more about the incident date, where it took place, and any expenses you have already paid. Include the names of witnesses if applicable.


5. Upload supporting documents and other evidence files.


6. Enter the amount you want to be compensated in damages and verify your e-signature.


What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Feel free to access several other services besides reporting illegal dumping using DoNotPay. Some of the accessible services products include:

Our customer support services are available around the clock throughout the week. Feel free to reach us today for inquiries and assistance. You can sign up to continue enjoying our unlimited services.

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