Find Out How To Renew a Trademark Effortlessly

The Ultimate Tips on How To Renew a Trademark With the USPTO

Filing the name, logo, slogan, or any other memorable element of your small business as a trademark is the best decision you can make to save it from infringement. Despite the high protection level the trademark registration brings, it doesn’t protect the asset indefinitely. You must renew your registration regularly according to the rules proposed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Do you need a few tips on how to renew a trademark without unnecessary complications? If so, this guide is the best source to learn from! We also reveal how to simplify a trademark application and file it in record time .

USPTO Trademark Renewal in Brief

Unlike copyrights, trademarks and service marks registered with the USPTO do not last forever automatically. As per the trademark protection law, they remain active only if you renew them within a specified period after registration. To do so, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. The protected trademark must be used for commercial purposes—Exceptions are rare, and you must have a solid reason for not using the mark to be excused from this rule
  2. You must prepare several supporting documents and submit them at regular intervals to maintain the registration—Their purpose is to show that you don’t plan to stop using the trademark in the upcoming period
  3. The renewal and other post-registration fees must be paid on time

What Documents Do You Need To Submit To Renew a Trademark Registration?

To help you understand what documentation you should prepare and when, we created a simple overview of the mandatory renewal process in the table below:

Required DocumentsPeriod
  • Declaration of Use/Excusable Non-Use (section 8 or 71 if the trademark is protected under the Madrid protocol)
  • Optional Declaration of Incontestability (section 15)
During the fifth year of the registered trademark ownership
  • Declaration of Use/Excusable Non-Use (section 8 or 71 if the trademark is protected under the Madrid protocol)
  • Application for Renewal (section 9)
During the ninth year of the registered trademark ownership
  • Subsequent Declaration of Use/Excusable Non-Use (section 8 or 71 if the trademark is protected under the Madrid protocol)
  • Subsequent Application for Renewal (section 9)
Every ten years after the registration date (19th, 29th, etc.)

What Is a Trademark Renewal Fee?

The total amount you must pay for trademark renewal equals the sum of the individual fees for each form you must complete. Here is a table showing the separate fees:

Declaration of Use/Excusable Non-Use$225 per class ($100 per class within the six-month grace period)
Declaration of Use/Excusable Non-Use for the Madrid protocol$225 per class ($100 per class within the six-month grace period)
Application for Renewal$300 per class ($100 per class within the six-month grace period)
Declaration of Incontestability$200

What Does the Renewal of Trademark Registration Entail?

Once you submit all required renewal documents, the USPTO will assign them to a post-registration trademark examiner for review. They will need a couple of months to analyze the documentation. Depending on the results, the agency can issue:

  1. Office action—if the documents you have submitted are not acceptable
  2. Regular Notice of Renewal, Notice of Acceptance, or Notice of Acknowledgement—if the forms under sections 8, 9, 15, or/and 71 are acceptable
  3. Updated registration certificate stating all the changes made in your trademark status—if your amendment request under section 7 gets accepted

You can check whether the changes have been recorded with the USPTO via the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) software.

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Registering a trademark may seem like a simple form completion, but it is much more than that. Apart from ensuring the originality of your mark, you must fill out each application section with correct info and determine the appropriate class of your goods and services. Even the smallest mistake can cause the USPTO to deny your request.

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