How to Remove a State Tax Lien From Public Records

Remove My Lien How to Remove a State Tax Lien From Public Records

How to Remove a State Tax Lien From Public Record in a Few Clicks

Did you know that a state tax lien that appears on your public records can potentially limit your chances of getting a loan or a job? And the best way to make sure a tax lien does not drag you down financially is to remove it. But do you know how to remove a state tax lien from a public record? If not, this article will guide you on how to complete the removal so you can get your public record back in good standing.

If you are, however, looking for a faster and more convenient way to remove it, DoNotPay is here to help. Through our fast and easy-to-use online process, we find out all the information on the lien and help you take the next best step to have it quickly removed from your record.

What Is a State Tax Lien?

A state tax lien is a measure taken to make you pay your unpaid taxes by laying a legal claim over your property or assets. The process begins when the state sends you a notice and demands a payment letter. If you do not settle the debt over a specified period or if an amicable solution has not been arrived at, the state government files a Notice of State Tax Lien and over time can seize your assets to pay off the debt.

For instance, if your state income taxes are pending, your local government can issue a legal claim on your house or bank account. A state-issued tax lien on your property is public information and the record can last between 3 - 4 years depending on the statute of limitations in your state.

Does a State Tax Lien Hurt My Credit Score?

No. In 2017, the three credit bureaus implemented some changes, including removing paid and unpaid tax liens from credit reports. This means that the tax lien does not have any impact on your credit score. Keep in mind:

  1. The debt is still due. This does not stop your local government from collecting the debt, it just means that the information is not available on your credit report.
  2. The debt can still affect your credit standing in the future, depending on the behavior of the three credit bureaus.

Since a state tax lien is public information and anyone has access to it, including your lenders, it still has the potential to affect your access to credit, but that is as far as it goes.

How to Remove a State Tax Lien From Your Public Record

Removing a state tax lien from your public record is an important step towards reclaiming your borrowing ability back. By following these simple steps, you should have your record in good standing in no time.

Verify Your DebtGo through the letters you've previously received and further verify the debt by contacting your state department of revenue.
Pay Off the DebtTo have the lien expunged from your public record quicker, you should clear the debt payment in full. Depending on your financial standing, you can also negotiate with your state department of revenue for an affordable repayment plan. Remember to make the payments on time.
Lien CancellationThe state departments typically cancel the lien once the payments have been cleared. It may take between 1 business day for cash payments to 30 days for other forms of payments. Some states require that you request and fill out a paid-in-full letter to complete the process. Make sure to follow up with your state office for further directions until the lien is canceled and removed from your public record.

Remove a State Tax Lien With DoNotPay

Pursuing the lien removal process by yourself can be time-consuming, especially if you don't know where to start. You may find yourself looking for a tax expert to negotiate a debt payment plan on your behalf which will only cost you more money. And the last thing you want is more bills on your plate.

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