Learn How To Register a Trademark in Arizona With DoNotPay

How To Register a Trademark in Arizona—DoNotPay Breaks It Down

Are you curious about how to register a trademark in Arizona? It is a critical step in any growing business’ development.

Registering a trademark in the state of Arizona entitles you to valuable protection, keeping your brand secure from unauthorized use by your competitors. The application process can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why it is so important to know what you are getting into. Alternatively, you can outsource the paperwork to .

What Is a Trademark in Arizona?

Arizona state law defines a trademark as any word, name, symbol, or device (or any combination of these items) adopted and used by a person to identify goods produced or sold by that person and distinguish them from goods made or sold by others. You can register any of the following assets as a trademark:

It is crucial to understand how this concept differs from other similar legal classifications:

  • Trade name—different from a legal business name and used to distinguish a company from a personal name or to prevent from infringing on another registered trade name
  • Service mark—used for services instead of goods
  • Copyright—used to protect works of creation (such as novels, screenplays, music pieces, etc.)

Why Bother With Arizona Trademark Registration?

Although not required to do so, many businesses file trademark applications to establish and protect their brand. If another entity adopts any part of your trademarked brand, you can sue them for infringement.

How To File Your Arizona Trademark Application Form

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office only allows one method of filing. If you need assistance in the process, you can turn to DoNotPay because we can help you register your trademark on the federal level and protect your brand across the U.S.

Filing MethodYes/No
By mailNo
In personNo

How To Register a Trademark in Arizona

Register your Arizona trademark by following these steps:

  1. Confirm that your trademark does not infringe on others registered in the state of Arizona
  2. Open an application using the Arizona Secretary of State’s online portal
  3. Fill in the required information
  4. Specify which class your goods fall under
  5. Upload an example of your trademark
  6. Submit your application

Trademark applications generally process within 2–3 weeks. Your trademark will remain valid for ten years or as long as you continue to renew it.

How Are State and Federal Trademarks Different?

State trademarks only protect your established brand within state borders. Registering your trademark at the state level in Arizona makes it available for public scrutiny, which will ensure it does not conflict with another mark already in use.

In theory, if your business becomes prolific in Arizona and a competing brand begins operating in a neighboring state, like California, they could infringe on your brand without being liable for legal damages.

While a state trademark may suffice at a particular time, you should consider filing at the federal level because your brand will probably continue to grow.

How To File a Federal Trademark Application

Federal trademarks are managed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Consult their database to ensure your brand does not infringe on another on file.

The USPTO only allows online trademark registration. You can initiate the application process by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)
  2. Log in to or create an account for TEAS
  3. Start a new application for your specific trademark class
  4. Fill in the requisite information about your brand
  5. Submit the application

How Much Does It Cost To File an Arizona Trademark Application?

You will need to budget for two essential expenses in this process:

  1. Nonrefundable government fees
  2. Legal assistance

You must pay a filing fee to submit your application and may need to pay additional costs to expedite the process:

Filing ServiceFee
Trade name$10
Expedited processing$25

Beyond the Secretary of State Office’s costs, you may also need a trademark lawyer to facilitate the application procedure. The last thing you want is a minor mistake resulting in a denied registration.

Failure to complete the application correctly or pay the specific charge to which you are subject can jeopardize the viability of the process. That’s why businesses often hire legal experts. Doing so can be very expensive—on average, Arizona lawyers charge $450/hour.

DoNotPay Streamlines the Trademark Application Procedure

Opting for a nationwide trademark offers complete protection of your brand, and the process is not complicated if you . Our AI-powered robot lawyer streamlines mundane administrative procedures.

Our Trademark Registration tool will:

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  • Submit the application
  • Facilitate review and signing

After submitting your application, we will provide an application tracking number and pass your contact info to the USPTO for further communication. All you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to DoNotPay
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  4. Cover the filing costs

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