How To Protect Yourself in a Divorce and Finalize Everything Smoothly

Divorce Settlement Agreement How To Protect Yourself in a Divorce and Finalize Everything Smoothly

Tips on How To Protect Yourself in a Divorce

If you’re not certain whether you’ll be able to go through either a difficult or friendly divorce, you might want to make sure you’ve got all aspects covered before the process starts.

The first thing you should get familiar with is how to protect yourself in a divorce. You should also understand what’s legally acceptable and advisable to do when filing for divorce or being served with divorce papers.

DoNotPay provides all the info and a handy tool to help you draft your divorce settlement agreement efficiently.

Protecting Yourself in a Divorce When You Have Children

If you and your spouse have children under the age of 18, you need to ensure they are taken care of and protected. Try to minimize their stress during the divorce process, which will also reduce your own.

You should negotiate with your spouse about custody, support, and visitation matters since reaching an out-of-court settlement—especially during an uncontested divorce—is the least expensive and time-consuming process.

Here’s what you should do in case you’ve got children:

  1. Stay in the family home if possible—Keep in mind that moving out suddenly or too soon could affect your custody matters during the divorce. To reduce tensions, you could negotiate to time-share the home until the divorce and custody issues are finalized
  2. Don’t let your spouse leave with your children—You and your spouse have equal rights to your children, so you shouldn’t allow him or her to take your children away until the custody, visitation, and support issues are settled

How To Protect Yourself in a Divorce—Domestic Violence

In case your spouse commits domestic violence against you or your children, you need to notify the police as soon as possible. Here are some steps you could take:

  1. Ask for a police officer to come to your home
  2. File a report
  3. Get ahold of your lawyer
  4. Seek a restraining order to prevent further acts of domestic violence
  5. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233

Be Careful What Documents You’re Signing During the Divorce Process

You should be cautious about signing anything, be it the divorce papers or any preliminary agreements. Keep in mind that these documents might be disadvantageous to you in property, custody, or other divorce aspects.

Signing something you’re not familiar with might lead to unnecessarily expensive legal services and complex litigation. If you and your spouse are not on good terms and you’re afraid he or she might want to harm you, you should consult an experienced divorce attorney.

Protect Yourself in a Divorce Financially

To make sure you’re financially protected during the divorce, you should consider doing the following:

How To Protect Yourself in a Divorce FinanciallyExtra Information
Gather papersYou should locate and collect personal records, including your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Diplomas
  • Personal documents

Gather and make copies of your jointly-owned records, such as:

  • Titles
  • Deeds
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Real estate records
Cancel jointly-owned cardsIf you don’t cancel the cards you jointly own, you will both be responsible for all incurred debts. Before you cancel the credit cards, you should inform your spouse of your intent
Record all home propertyYou may video record all your marital property together with your spouse by:

  • Pulling items out
  • Opening drawers
  • Recording the contents of your home
  • Turning on the date function in the video

The video could be evidence in case some items disappear from your family home during the divorce

Secure valuable personal propertyYou should store any valuable personal items in a safe place during the divorce. If possible, you should discuss this with your spouse first.

Keep in mind that you can only do this with your personal property and not with:

  1. Community property
  2. Possessions you and your spouse share
Cut expensesYou and your spouse should agree on reducing costs during the divorce. Consider canceling unnecessary utilities, including:

  1. Cable TV
  2. Additional phone lines

Try To Agree on All Divorce Issues

You will decrease the divorce cost and time significantly if you and your spouse can negotiate and agree on all important aspects of your post-divorce life. In this case, you might even avoid:

  1. Hiring a lawyer
  2. Going to court

Finalizing the divorce online is also an option in case of amicable divorces. If you need assistance, you should:

  • Try mediation to resolve problematic issues
  • Sign up for DoNotPay to get a reliable divorce settlement agreement you need to present to the court

DoNotPay Is the Right Way To Draft a Divorce Settlement Agreement

When going through an uncontested divorce, you can deal with lots of tasks yourself and with the assistance of our efficient AI-powered app.

DoNotPay has all the info regarding relevant state laws and regulations and will help you create your divorce settlement agreement smoothly.

Once you’ve agreed on all matters with your spouse, subscribe to DoNotPay and:

  1. Navigate to the Divorce Settlement Agreement product
  2. Provide answers to the chatbot’s questions
  3. Enter data about your income, assets, and debts

We use your information to generate a document tailored to your specific situation. If you need to get the agreement notarized, keep in mind that DoNotPay can connect you with an online notary public. The notaries we cooperate with provide their services 24/7 via a live audio-video call.

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