Easily Prevent Photos from Detectable to Reverse Image Search Engines

Easily Prevent Photos from Detectable to Reverse Image Search Engines

You need to know so you can keep all of your photos safe and your privacy intact.

DoNotPay will help you cloak your photos if you don't have the time to do it yourself. It's an easier option than altering every single photo before you upload it.

What Does a Reverse Image Search Entail?

Reverse image searches are a great idea in many aspects. For example, you can look up an image a new love interest you met online sends you. It will prove whether the image was copied elsewhere, or if it's from a legitimate person.

However, this type of search can also be used against you. Someone else may look up your photos to find any personal details or other accounts.

Reverse image searches scour the Internet for related photographs. You may see pictures from other people that simply look similar, or you could find numerous photos from the same person that was recognized with AI technology.

How Can This Type of Search Affect Me?

If someone wants to stalk you, they can do so easily with a reverse image search. They may be able to link multiple accounts in your name, find other photos, and download the data that logs the times and dates, plus locations of where the photo was taken.

Employers may use this method if they want to catch employees engaging in unflattering activities. That's why it's always advised to make sure things are private so you aren't easily found online.

How Do I Stop These Searches?

Making alterations to your pictures before you upload them is key, no matter which platform you're intending to put them on.

Try the Two Screenshot ApproachYour original photo has a lot of data attached to it. Open a photo in your camera and select the menu option to bring up its details. You'll typically see:

  • The device that was used to take the picture
  • The time and date of the photo
  • The original location of the photo in the device's folders

You wouldn't want anyone else to have this information, particularly the type of device or time and date. Yet, they will get just that if they can easily save your photo or perform a Google search.

A screenshot prevents this data from being seen. Instead of uploading the original, take a screenshot of the image. Then, take a screenshot of the screenshot. It will ensure no underlying data is visible, and people will only be able to tell that it was a screenshot image.

Make the Image Transparent/Add a Transparent LayerYou can add a transparent layer to your image, or make the entire thing transparent. This usually gets done so you can add the picture onto a background image without the color around it being seen. It also helps prevent the image from being saved or being found on a reverse image search engine.

Use a free online site that turns your images transparent for you, or try a photo editor. Some photo editors are available for free, up to a certain extent. Many will require you to upgrade to a paid account before you can use the transparency feature.

Make Further AlterationsTo truly help your images be safe, you should make further alterations. Add a transparent layer, use the screenshot method, and crop the image and change the color. With multiple methods utilized, it will be difficult for a basic bot to connect the dots between this photograph and any others on the web. It cloaks it completely.

No matter what type of photos you have, preventing a reverse image search is necessary. You can apply these methods to:

  1. Facebook photos
  2. Pinterest images
  3. LinkedIn pictures
  4. Stock photos

Will DoNotPay Help Prevent Image Search?

Absolutely. DoNotPay can cloak your pictures and ensure no one can perform a reverse image search on them for suspicious reasons. Just upload your photo on our site and we'll get it handled.

  1. Open Photo Ninja on DoNotPay.


  2. Upload the photo or image you want to cloak and press submit.


  3. Our algorithms will automatically insert hidden changes and cloak your image, so it's no longer recognizable by reverse search engines. The newly generated image will be downloadable from your disputes page!


You don't actually need to know methods. DoNotPay will alter your photographs for you fast.

Can DoNotPay Help Me in Other Ways?

Of course! DoNotPay offers numerous products that work to assist you with various problems or minor inconveniences. We'll help you:

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