How to Make Money Playing Video Games on YouTube

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How to Make Money Playing Video Games on YouTube

Gamers in the 18 to 25 age group spend an average of more than 3 hours per week watching other people gaming online. It can be helpful to watch others so you get a tutorial on how to play better yourself. Most people who post videos of themselves gaming do so in an effort to earn an income.

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How Youtube Gaming Tutorials Make You Money

Anyone who joins the Youtube Partner Program can earn money. Gaming tutorials are popular, with lots of people tuning in to see how a game is played and won. Walkthroughs and reviews are at the top of the list for what people viewing gaming content want to see.

You earn money for the views you're getting on your videos. However, you need to meet certain criteria before you can apply for the program and start bringing money in:

  1. You must have 1,000 subscribers.
  2. You must have 4,000 hours of watch time.
  3. You cannot have any community guideline violations.
  4. You have to link a Google Adsense account.

You can earn money from the ads placed on your video. That's why a Google Adsense account is necessary. When people click on these ads during "commercials", this earns you compensation. People actually purchasing something from these ads can earn you even more.

You can also earn bonuses on occasion. These bonuses are awarded to those who create worthwhile shorts.

How Much Can I Make Per View?

Although there are average per-view pay rates, not everyone makes the same. To start out, Youtube may put you at the 1 cent per view pay rate, but you can also be placed up to 4 cents per view. The more of a following you gain, and the more viewers clicking on ads, the more you can make.

How Else Can I Make Money on Youtube?

You don't have to be a gamer to make money on Youtube. You can put up any video -- particularly a tutorial or instruction video -- and earn something in the process. Creating new content and getting viewers to watch helps Youtube, after all. They're willing to compensate you for your time and effort if you're bringing them viewers -- and more business.

Money-Earning Tips for Youtube Gamers

Not just anyone can upload a gaming video and get compensated. You have to have followers and valuable content that people actually want to see and interact with. With some tips to consider, you can earn more money playing.

Boosting Your Youtube EarningsYou need to gain a following. If you have any hope of people actually watching your videos and keeping you "in business" then you need to have plenty of regular viewers who come back for more content. Share your videos on your social media pages. Follow others so they're more likely to follow you back. Get your friends and family to watch. Subscribe to other gaming channels.
Enhancing Your EarningsPeople tend to respond better to worthwhile videos with high quality. Get a ring light so your videos are well-lit and look nice. Have a background behind you so people aren't seeing the junk in your room. Invest in a quality camera and editing software on your computer so you can improve your video quality.
Getting More Cash While Gaming on YoutubeYou need to keep posting. If you become inactive for at least 6 months, Youtube can revoke your money-earning status and remove you from the program. You need to post on a regular schedule and keep putting out content that can earn you views -- and compensation.
Improving Your WealthPicking a niche can also help you improve your wealth on Youtube. Viewers tend to stick with a channel that posts content they like and is relevant to their interests. If you have a large following that depends on you for walkthroughs of various video games, they may not appreciate suddenly having your content change. Picking a niche and sticking with it is more likely to keep your followers watching.
Making a Profit Streaming Gaming VideosOne of the best things you can do to improve your profits is to pay attention to your analytics. Look at how long people are actually watching your videos. If they leave quickly, you may need to change your intro or find a hook to keep them interested during the time they normally check out. Check out the content that people who like your videos are watching as well. If you see they tend to follow accounts that only do live streaming, then you may want to try that route.

How Can I Get Started as a Youtube Gamer?

To get started as a Youtube gamer, you need to sign up for a Youtube account. You can sign up with your existing Google account, or create a new one. It's fast and easy.

Create worthwhile videos and upload content regularly. It may take a while to meet the program's thresholds before you can make money. Once you do, though, you'll have a channel with plenty of content worth viewing that others can go back and look at when they want. Everything you make and do on the account going forward has the potential to earn you compensation.

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