How to Make Money on Zazzle

How to Make Money on Zazzle

Are you considering in the comfort of your home? Zazzle offers an associate program to earn extra income through affiliate marketing. With , you can quickly learn how to make money on Zazzle.

Statistics indicate that e-commerce sales in the United States are set to go beyond $1,000 billion by 2023. With more people now spending most of their time online, it's an excellent opportunity to make extra income online.

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How to Make Money on Zazzle

Zazzle is a company that allows you to design and sell a wide variety of products and earn money. Some of the products on Zazzle include postcards, clothes, mugs, and many more. They help thousands of creators to monetize their creative content by reaching millions of Zazzle customers. There are different ways to , including designing and selling design products and earning through the associate program.

As a seller - You can earn money as a designer or creator, where you upload your designs on Zazzle and place them in the different categories of products they sell.

As an affiliate or associate - Zazzle associates earn a commission by marketing various products. You don't have to be a creator to earn; you can simply earn by referring people to buy products.

Refer friends - Zazzle allows its users to refer their friends through the Refer-a-Friend program, where you get a $25 reward to spend.

How to Qualify for Zazzle's Affiliate Program

So, what qualifies you to join the Zazzle affiliate program? One of the main requirements is to dedicate a few hours per week to writing and sharing online. Secondly, you'll need to be present on any form of social media. It could be a website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter.

Once you have all the above in place, you'll be set to join and start working as an affiliate marketer on Zazzle. However, ensure that you go through the Zazzle affiliate program agreement to know the policies that apply to their affiliate marketers. This way, you won't risk being discontinued because of not following their terms and conditions.

How to Make Money on Zazzle Without a Store

As stated earlier, the only requirements you need are to be present in any form of social media of your choice and dedicate a few hours to market products. With the Zazzle associate program, you can earn money without having your own store. But how do you start making money on Zazzle as an associate? The setup process entails three simple steps including:

  • Sign-up or creates an account
  • Enroll in Zazzle's associate program
  • Start promoting products and make commissions

How Much Money Do You Make on Zazzle Per Purchase?

If you make any sale with the Zazzle associate program, you earn a 15% commission as an affiliate. 15% is a great commission compared to other online stores, which usually offer about 4% to 10%. And it gets even better! With Zazzle, you can earn more than a 15% commission if you take advantage of their volume bonus program. That means that you're able to make more money depending on how much volume you sell.

How to Earn More Income on Zazzle

Tip#1: Be Consistent

We can't guarantee you that you'll get many sales in the first few months. Whether you're selling your designs or marketing products, you'll need to put in a lot of work and be consistent enough before you get many sales.

Tip#2: Increase Your Commissions

When you become consistent, you'll get to sell more products, which means that you'll increase your commissions. For example, the more you sell, the more you get a chance to benefit from the volume bonus program.

Tip#3: Update Your Keywords

The tags or keywords you use when advertising your products can break or make your product. As you focus on displaying fantastic designs, ensure you apply simple keywords that are likely to appear in searches.

Tip#4: Share Your Products on Several Social Media Sites

Sharing your products on one social media site will not be practical if you want to reach a larger audience and get more sales. You can share your products on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, among others. The good thing is that Zazzle makes it extremely easy for you to share on any platform.

Tip#5: Choose Products That Can Be Customized

If you want to successfully sell your products, choosing products that your customers can customize is always a great idea. That's because emotions are critical, and giving your customers a chance to express themselves goes a long way.

Summary of Making Money on Zazzle

Making money online might seem simple, but it is complicated if you don't understand the requirements you need to follow when getting started. The whole process of getting started might be lengthy and stressful, but once you know all the essentials, you'll be good to start.

There are two ways of making money on Zazzle. You can either sell your designs or earn commissions by referring customers to other people's products. However, you're bound to make more money through the affiliate/associate program, provided you're great with marketing the products. However, you need to adhere to Zazzle's agreements to earn without being discontinued.

Here's a table to summarize what Zazzle's associate program entails.

Referral Payment (minimum amount)15% on each sale
Volume Bonus PaymentUp to 17% on each sale
Cookie Length (referral link length)45 days
Minimum Payout Allowed$50
Payment MethodsPayPal, Check
The Refund RateLess than 1%
Promotional Tools

And Creator/Developer Tools

Link building guide, Banners, Associate handbook

Create-A-Product API, RSS feeds

How to Start Making Money on Zazzle

You'll need to join Zazzle to start , whether you're a seller or an associate. Here's the procedure to get started.


  1. Join Zazzle by creating an account
  2. Enroll as a designer or as an associate
  3. Design your products
  4. Upload your designs and start selling
  5. Get paid through PayPal or Check


  1. Create a Zazzle account
  2. Enroll as in the associate program
  3. Choose a niche of products you want to market
  4. Market the products to potential customers and get a 15% commission on each sale
  5. Withdraw your funds through PayPal or Check

How Much Does the Average Zazzle User Make?

An average Zazzle user makes a 15% commission on each sale they make. However, the more volume you sell, the higher your commission through the volume bonus program. Some of the top bestsellers on Zazzle earn more than $100,000 annually and an average of about $5,000 per month. If you're wondering whether you can really make good money on Zazzle, you shouldn't worry because your potential is unlimited.

However, to earn a good amount of money, you have to work smart. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme because you need to put in your time and energy. That said, your success or the money you earn on Zazzle solely depends on how much time you're willing to dedicate and how smart you work.

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