How to Make Money on Your Computer Effortlessly

Make Money Online How to Make Money on Your Computer Effortlessly

How to Make Money on Your Computer

With more than 92% of American households owning at least one computer, and 85% with a broadband Internet connection, the computer has become a common feature in our daily lives.

While a computer is a good investment, it needs an Internet connection to link you to the outside world.

Besides playing games, sending emails, and typing documents, we can use our computers to make money. There are countless success stories of people making a killing through their computers and phones.

To be part of these fantastic success stories, you need to conduct intense research on the best way to make money on your phone or computer. DoNotPay breaks down the process for you and gives a more straightforward way to learn how to make money on your computer legitimately.

How Can I Make Money on My Computer?

Your computer can be a resource for you to earn income on the side, on the weekends, or full-time, depending on your capacity and preferences. Besides the traditional careers, there are so many freelance opportunities for everyone who knows basic computer operations.

There are numerous job boards, platforms, and apps you can make money on through your computer. The following are ways you can use your computer to earn legitimate money:

1. Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant is equivalent to a personal assistant at the office, only that you work from home. To qualify as a virtual assistant and earn money from home, you need to get someone to train you by buying a course or training yourself through social media.

Once you are conversant, you can set out to pitch to clients. The advantage of working from home compared to being an office assistant is that you can choose the niche to specialize in and have the liberty to have more than one client.

2. Programming

Gone are the days when you needed to have a degree in computer science to be considered a software engineer. You can now learn to code through social media and boot camps, then become a fully-fledged software engineer in the comfort of your home.

After gaining confidence as a programmer, pitch yourself to employers or get programming jobs from established job boards.

3. Writing

There are different types of writing you can engage in to make money at home on your computer, including:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Business writing
  • Ghost-writing
  • Technical writing

Writing is majorly a freelance career that needs no formal certification. You only need to polish your skills and pitch for jobs on social media, directly to clients, or on approved job boards.

4. Working on Social Media

There are uncountable money-making opportunities on social media platforms that we cannot exhaust. There is something for everybody, ranging from affiliate marketing to influencing. Some of the activities that can bring you money on social media include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Selling your goods and services
  • Paid sponsorship and influencing

Each social media platform has its strengths and weaknesses. You should opt for the platform that allows you to express yourself genuinely and compensate you rightly.

5. Virtual Trading

Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency are among the many things you can trade online. Forex and the stock market involve buying and selling foreign currency and other valuables through platforms such as Robinhood.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency secured by cryptography and sold on platforms such as Coinbase.

The difference between the buying and selling prices is the main moneymaker in all these trades. If you master your strategy well, trading can quickly graduate from a weekend hassle to a full-time job that changes your financial status for good.

Extra Tips to Successfully Earn Money on Your Computer

We cannot exhaust all the ways to make money on the Internet and your computer. Additional money-making ideas from home on your computer include:

Money-Making IdeasPotential Income
Take online surveysYou can make anywhere from several cents to several dollars per survey dependent on the length and depth of the survey.
TutoringDepending on whether you seek out your own clients or join a site like VIPKID, your hourly rate may vary. Keep in mind that partnering with a tutoring site will save you time finding and managing clients but it may come at a pay cut.
Running a virtual shopThe sky’s the limit! If you’re an artist, Etsy is a great way to set up shop in a convenient format and set your prices. Keep in mind that most virtual shops will carry some kind of seller fees, so do your research to ensure your prices cover your costs and offer you some profit.
Crafting e-books and selling themWhether you’re interested in writing fiction and self publishing via Amazon or create an ebook and online course bundle, this method of income will vary greatly.

The main secret to making an income at home on your computer is mastering your art. You need to find something you are good at, make yourself 100% conversant with it, and exploit it tirelessly.

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