How to Make Money on Wix

How to Make Money on Wix

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wix is a publicly US-listed Israeli software company that provides cloud-based web development services. was founded back in 2006 by Israeli developers Nadav Abrahami, Avishai Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. As of 2022, it boasts a world-class platform of over 200 million users worldwide who've benefited from its services. These users have curated a beautiful online presence that has allowed both professional and free website owners to .

There are numerous proven methods on how you can earn extra cash online: be it on Robinhood, Coinbase, on the internet, stock markets, on your phone, on social media, from apps, during weekends, or even on your computer. Similarly, there are quite a lot of ways you can make money on Wix.

There's plenty of money to be made online, but we often make the mistake of jumping at the first opportunity. DoNotPay's Make Money Online product can quickly vet these opportunities to help match you to your perfect option.

How to Make Money on Wix

There are various ways you can . Here are a few:

Website AdvertisingThe first step is to build a free website that can earn you money online: choose a professionally designed website template, pick a domain name and acquire free website hosting. Now you can conceptualize different ideas toward monetizing your website, e.g., advertising using Google AdSense.
Designing WebsitesWeb designing can be a lucrative source of income. By joining the Wix online marketplace, you can showcase your web design portfolio and set your rate card. It'll ensure you get matched with the right clients.
Become a Life CoachBecoming a life coach is a remote job. You need to create a website and add the book appointment option for clients to seek your services.
BloggingYou can create a free blog to write about anything that strikes your fancy, as long as you have an interested audience. Once your blog starts gaining traffic, you can think of ways to monetize it, e.g., ads or offering paid subscriptions.
Offer Online Services/TradesThis is probably the broadest option. You could earn through an online shop, tutoring services, translation services, online writing, short-term rentals, making video tutorials, self-publishing an ebook, freelancing, and dropshipping.
Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a promotion model where companies like Wix Ltd pay affiliates to advertise on their websites. Affiliates then get a commission for leads that turn into sales, e.g., Wix Affiliate Program.

Learn more about how to make money on Wix by visiting their website.

How to Become a Wix Affiliate

The Wix Affiliate program aims to compensate site owners for driving huge volumes of traffic to Wix through creative content.

  • To qualify for the Wix affiliate program, you have to fill out an online form on their website.
  • You'll receive an email from containing the link to your affiliate dashboard when you're approved.

How Much Do You Earn for Every Purchase?

You'll earn $100 for every premium user(a premium user who did not cancel their subscription after the 14-day trial period). The more sales are made through your referral, the more you earn.

Can You Make Good Money on Wix?

Yes, you can. You can using not one but several websites that you can customize differently to create multiple streams of income, e.g., earn cash on Wix blog and website ads.

Summary of Earning Money on Wix

To earn on Wix, you need to be running a website that has accrued good traffic. Although Wix has gone the extra mile to provide a pretty straightforward way to create a website, managing it can also be quite demanding. Most people want to make extra money online without constantly questioning whether the process is worth it or not.

DoNotPay has a feature — Make Money Online, that has vetting measures to curate a perfect means to earn money online without stressing about it.

Make Money With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay offers you fast, easy and effective ways of making money that DIY methods don't have. Instead of spending time and energy creating a website, looking for captivating content to feature, and being patient to grow your audience before you can start making money, consider the following ways DoNotPay can help you make money.

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DoNotPay is a free and downloadable app on any . Besides how to earn money, it also offers numerous features to make life easier for you. It can:

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