How to Make Money on Tinder Effortlessly

How to Make Money on Tinder

was started on the college campus in 2012 and ranked among the most popular apps where you can meet new people. The app has been downloaded more than 340 million times, and it's available in approximately 190 countries and more than 40 languages.

The has made the world a possibility, since you can form connections with new people, leading to lasting relationships. With Tinder, you can expand your network as the app is fun and straightforward to use.

Tinder doors are open to everyone who wants to meet, explore and make money. You can monetize your Tinder App by advertising on the site using banners, video ads, and native advertisements. However, Tinder is a competitive platform with millions of users who want to make money like you through advertising. You don't have to worry as the DoNotPay make-online-money product will help you maximize your advertisement and make money comfortably on Tinder App.

Learn How to Qualify for Tinder and Make Money

Before you are eligible for Tinder marketing, you must create a tinder account. The steps to join depend on the device you are using:

Using iOS

  • Download the Tinder App
  • Click "create an account"
  • Click enter and verify your phone number
  • Key in your email address
  • Connect to your already existing Facebook or App account
  • Customize your profile
  • Allow the tinder App to have access to all permissions

Using Android

  1. Go to your Google store and download the Tinder app
  2. Choose the login method you prefer, either through email or a Google account
  3. Key in your mobile phone number and verify
  4. Proceed to set up your account
  5. Allow Tinder to have permission for other apps on your android app
  6. Get started

Tinder for Web

  • Visit Tinder's official website
  • Select "login"
  • You can sign in using your phone number or Google account
  • Make your profile
  • Allow the Tinder app to access other locations on your phone

Learn What Happens When Your Request to Join Tinder App Is Declined

Your request to join Tinder can only be rejected if you don't meet the minimum age limit of 18 years. Tinder will block you for the specified time on your login screen; once the time elapses, you are permitted to continue with your signing-in process. Let's say you sign in to the tinder app when you are 17 years old. You will be blocked and then receive a text message on your screen indicating that you have one year left to continue with the signing process.

When one-year ends, you can continue with your profile set up and start interacting with new people on the platform and subsequently start making money.

How Much Do You Earn on Tinder?

Though dating sites like Tinder are not purposely designed for you to make money, you still stand a chance of making some cash. You can only make money by:

  1. Watching promotional videos
  2. Advertisement on your Tinder account
Watching Promotional VideosTinder has promotional videos running on their website, which is one of the ways they make money. You can take advantage of the same and make an extra coin by watching these videos. Tinder pays you on a commission basis, and thus, the more promotional videos you watch, the more commission you are entitled to get.

Remember that Tinder gets paid by affiliate companies to promote their product on the site. Therefore, to encourage you to watch these promos, the company offers rewards in the form of commissions.

Advertisement on Your Tinder AccountTinder has a provision where you can advertise and make an extra coin. Sometimes a medium-sized company can hire you to promote their product on your Tinder account and pay you for the service. Companies are aware that Tinder is a platform with massive traffic and thus would like to take advantage of the vast platform to market their products. It is an opportunity for you to grow your account, win advertising gigs from companies, and make money.

Overview of How to Make Money on Tinder by Yourself

You need to create a tinder account, as illustrated above. Take note that you can only create a tinder account if you have attained a minimum age of 18 years. Once you qualify for the eligibility criterion, you can set up your account and start watching promotional videos as well as advertising on the site to gain a commission.

Though you can make money on Tinder by yourself, it is challenging due to the stiff competition on the site. You are not assured of getting promotional ads to watch to earn a commission constantly. Don't worry; DoNotPay has a perfect solution to your problem in an easy and straightforward way.

Make Money on Tinder Using DoNotPay

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