How to Make Money on the Side in College

Make Money Online How to Make Money on the Side in College

How to Make Money on the Side in College

Making money online has become a go-to for the wanna-be-rich crowd. People aspire to get millions of followers with their YouTube channels. Others want a little pocket change.

We call it a side hustle. A way to stream a comfortable income while you focus on the more important aspects of life. That's family, your major source of income, or school. Let's find out how to make money on the side in college. 

Who Can't Use a Side Hustle?Unfortunately, while many are seemingly making millions with almost no effort, the truth is, online money isn't easy money.

Ways for college students to make money on the side are no different than any other. You have to research, develop, and have a marketing strategy.

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How to Make Money OnlineIn 2020, an estimated 27% of Americans used the internet for a side gig. The financial ROI ranged, on average, up to $7,000 a year. Freelancers who work with internet companies part-time were earning an hourly rate of $21.

What's fascinating to note is how versatile these opportunities are. A college student can put their unique skills or hobbies to work on the 'net. You can be a digital freelancer, a savvy marketer, or an entrepreneur.

Graphic designers sell their clothing designs for print on demand. Freelancers churn out content for websites. And, of course, many have successful channels on social media.

But not everyone is going to be Jeffree Star ($18 million) or Ryan (a seven-year-old who made $22 million). Going into online venues, it's important to be realistic about the possibilities.

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Ways to Make Money Online

Here are tips for making cash online as a student.

  1. Make money using your unique talents on work-for-hire sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.
  2. Test apps and websites on campus for platforms like UserTesting. You may get extra for recording your view on a product or conducting a video with a customer.
  3. Amazon's Mechanical Turk involves students transcribing videos, tagging images, and classifying receipts. This is a known opportunity for scammers though. Tread carefully.
  4. You won't get rich, but you can make money on a college campus by answering surveys. The rare site offers money. Most push gift cards. Still, sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are great ways to put some form of cash in your pocket.
  5. Blog affiliation is a big way to make money. Anyone who clicks through your blog to another site earns you cash. If the user buys something, you may get a bigger sum. But affiliate marketing will require heavy due diligence on your part.
  6. If you're a big-time gamer, monetize your Twitch following. Grab enough attention and followers will donate to the cause. You'll get ad revenue and shares of subscriptions.
  7. Take what you do best and promote and sell it. Photographs, artwork, jewelry, baked goods, and more are all on the table. Many artisans are making extra money selling custom-made COVID masks.
  8. Apps like Wag and Rover connect pet owners with dog walkers and other animal caregivers. If you have the room (and permission), perhaps you can board a pet while its family is away.

Summary of College Students Making Money Online

Knowing how to make money on the side as a college student covers selling on Etsy to finding missing money or engaging in clinical trials. All you need is an understanding of your schedule, talents, and preferences. 

Google has a range of assets and tools that help generate income.

  • Adsense
  • AdWords
  • Google Opinion
  • Google Play Store
  • Search Engine Evaluation
  • Sell Your Books (similar to Amazon's Kindle Store)

Make money on the side in college through these and other pathways. You can become a remote employee or a freelancer. What makes the online option most appealing is there are no borders. You're not relegated to any specific region. Online, your potential goes global!

Extra Tips for College Students to Successfully Earn Money Online

The internet doesn't always require you to take a conventional job. You might need to do a little research but play in the world of cryptocurrency. If you're a sports aficionado, put together a fantasy team and see where you end up. Play in the market. Other unconventional and bold moves might be becoming an egg donor or engaging in clinical trials.

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