How to Make Money on Tagged

Make Money Online How to Make Money on Tagged

How to Make Money on Tagged?

Tagged is one of the best social discovery websites for youngsters. Founded in 2004, Tagged allows users to chat with other members present at the platform. Currently, Tagged claims that it has 18.6 million users globally. Aside from being popular due to its features, now people are earning money from the platform. Are you wondering how to make money on Tagged apps? Fret not; this article is going to explore important and interesting facts about the app. Making money online may seem easy to multiple people out there. But making money with plenty of options available isn't easy. There are many fraudsters who are looking to cheat you and steal your money. This is why it's important to pay attention to crucial points before you choose any platform. DoNotPay's Make Money Online product can help you choose the right option for you. Thus, it is a great way to save your time and make some extra money too.

Can You Make Money On Tagged Apps? 

Yes, users can make money from the Tagged app indirectly. The Tagged app offers a pet game through which users can make extra cash. Another option to make money on the platform is through live streaming.

Different Ways on How to Make Money on Tagged App

Currently, there are two main ways to make money online on the Tagged app. 

  1. Pet game - You can buy and sell pets on the platform
  2. By live-streaming - Streamers on the platform get paid too

Want to learn how to make money on Tagged live? Or want to know about making money through pet games? Continue reading!

How To Make Real Money On Tagged Pets?There are six main ways to earn cash on Tagged pets.

To receive a cash bonus, you need to log in every 4 hours. You will receive payment based on your own pet at that time.

When you make the first five purchases of the day, you will get random cash.

If you're the first all-time owner of a pet. In this situation, the value of your pet must be $500.

When you convert Tagged gold to pet cash, you receive cash. Be sure you convert it with the help of a green pet cash bar.

Any other user can give you real money on the platform.

You receive real cash when any other user purchases your pet.

How To Make Money On Tagged Live?Secondly, you can try the live streaming service of the app to earn money. When the streamers on Tagged complete 80,000 diamonds, streamers get real money. Cash of $200 is received through your PayPal. Another way to receive payment is by getting an Ice dragon as a gift. When any of your fans send Ice dragon as a gift, you receive a $200 cash reward. To make money on the platform, you need to start with building fans. By making a huge friend list, you can take a step ahead to earn real money.

Making money online on tags is a one-day chore. You have to spend your time building a huge fan list. Then you have to wait till you get 80,000 diamonds to receive cash. Similarly, in pet games, you have to wait till someone buys your pets. Do you want an easy and quick way of making money online? DoNotPay can help you out with the right solution.

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How to Earn Extra Cash Using DoNotPay?

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