How to Make Money on Stash Hassle-Free

How to Make Money With the Stash Investment App

is an app that turns everyday savings and checking into investment. It's the ground-level investment app designed to help anyone learn how stocks work and get started investing $1 a month to learn the ropes.

Stash turns little transactions into growing investments and, over time, it can help you through owning and trading stocks. But how exactly does it work? If you're looking for smart ways to make money with your phone or earn with online tactics, here's how to make money using Stash.

How to Make Money With Stash

makes money by turning your transactions into investments. Stash offers a low-cost monthly subscription plan (less than $5/month) to get started and with that, you can also pick up a Stash debit card for additional rewards. How does Stash work to make money? For starters, your subscription fee is invested instead of pocketed and will soon start earning returns.

$1 Monthly InvestmentWhen you join Stash, the beginner tier is $1 a month, which Stash will use to show you how to invest. Stash takes beginners through the ropes of stock investing for profit without risking cash you'll miss. The hands-on experience at the penny-stock level will give you a feel for the broader economics of the market. As you grow more confident, you can upgrade to the $3/month account or step up into Stash + for more advanced investments and portfolio building.
Fractional SharesOne interesting option with Stash is that they offer fractional shares, making it possible to invest in companies with stocks bigger than your current funds can afford.
Round-Up InvestmentJust like round-up savings, round-up investments enact a "keep the change" investment strategy. Each purchase you make with your Stash-connected account will take the round-up to the next dollar to add to your investment funds.
Automated InvestmentsIf you want to stick to an investment goal, Stash makes it easy with automated and scheduled transfers to your investment funds. They'll then automate your portfolio or help you keep a balanced selection of stocks.

Debit Card Stock-Backs

With a subscription, you can also take out a Stash debit card and earn Stock-Back; stock shares in the companies you shop with. This is a great way to earn more investments while doing your normal shopping.

Who Can Use Stash?

Anyone with a US bank account and social security number can use Stash.

  • US bank account with a US bank
  • United States social security number
  • Citizen of US
  • Green card with the US
  • Certain types of approved visa

Tips for Earning With Stash

  1. Create an Investing Habit
  • Invest a regular amount every month and get into the habit of checking on or selecting each month's investment.
  • Stash works best when you are consistent and watch how the stocks grow.
  1. Let Stash Teach You About Stocks
  • Stash is designed to teach you how to invest wisely and build a portfolio
  • Adapt to the strategies with a beginner account before stepping up your investment
  1. Build a Balanced Portfolio
  • Consider how to balance and grow your portfolio to make money as different sectors rise and fall
  1. Shop With Your Stash Card
  • Earn Stock-Back shares by shopping with your Stash debit card.
  1. Stick To It
  • Keep investing. Stock market portfolios are a long-term strategy with the occasional perfect time to sell for cash.

How to Start Making Money on Stash

Getting started with Stash is as simple as making a $1 subscription account. Download the Stash app and make an account. Sign up for the $1 subscription and let Stash guide you step-by-step through penny stocks and how to tackle the stock market with increasingly larger investments. You will likely also need to connect your bank account in order to steadily manage Stash and your investment funds.

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