How to Make Money on Phrendly

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How to Make Money on Phrendly

Many legitimate ways are available online for people to make money. As long as you have a mobile phone and a stable internet connection, the possibility is endless. You can turn your idea into a productive business or work from home to earn cash.

Less stigma is attached to meeting someone online these days because of its benefits. Some people use online dating sites to find a partner without knowing how to make money, and that’s where Phrendly comes into play.

Phrendly is an app that allows you to make money through flirting. You can have fun online with strangers without the hope of hooking up in real life. Here, you’ll learn . DoNotPay will also guide you on how to earn extra income online.

Can You Make Money on Phrendly?

Yes, you can make money on Phrendly by simply having fun online. Phrendly is one of the apps that you can use to supplement your income. It is the perfect platform for engaging in online relationships or flirting without any commitments.

Phrendly can help boost your confidence and improve your dating skills. You can use the app to relax after a long day’s work and make money in return.

How it works

Whenever a person shows interest in you on the platform, they ‘share a drink’ with you. You will benefit from their kind gesture since the drinks have an actual monetary value.

That alone will make you enjoy the site, and anyone that contacts you will respect your space and be more focused.

How to Make Money on Phrendly?

If you want to make money on Phrendly, first, you need to download the app and join. Visit your app store to download and use on your desktop/laptop. The app is free to use. Search for Phrendly on your Google play store or App store.

After that, upload your photos, complete your profile, and verify your account by giving your mobile number. It’s as simple as that.

There’re three significant ways to make money on Phrendly, which are through:

  • Chats
  • Phone and video calls
  • Gifts
Earning money on Phrendly through chatYou can earn money on Phrendly through chats. Anybody who sends the first chat message can pay for all conversations. So, this is something for you to take note of. But there’s a way to show interest without first sending a message.
Earning money on Phrendly through video callsAnother way to make money on Phrendly is through video calls. Payments are earned through drinks, and each drink is $10. The person that initiates the call is the one to pay for that specific call. Phrendly takes 30% of the drink value while you keep 70% irrespective of the call duration. If the call takes longer, you will earn bigger pay.
Earning money on Phrendly through giftsYou can get virtual gifts and even keep 90% of their value. The worth of each gift ranges from $5-$100.

How Much Cash Can You Earn on Phrendly?

What you can earn on Phrendly depends on the type and number of interactions you make. Chatters can get up to $66 per hour through video chatting and $100 in gifts from your phrends. You can earn $0.35 for each chat if you reply within 24 hours.

For phone and video calls, you’re the one to decide your rate per drink. The default rate for phone calls is eight minutes and six minutes for video calls for each drink. Chatters can change the rate to suit them. You can only make a minimum of $66/hr for video calls and $48/hr for phone calls.

Some people make over $1000 monthly on Phrendly, while others don’t even make up to the $10 minimum daily threshold. Phrendly cannot allow you to leave your job, but it will offer you an opportunity to fulfill your desires.

Other Ways to Make Money on Phrendly

With the following tips, you can make more money on Phrendly.

  1. Lighting and camera
  2. Keep your alerts on
  3. Profile GIF
  4. Invite a friend and earn
  5. Share your interests and hobbies

Summary of Making Money on Phrendly

Phrendly is for anyone who loves the online aspect of flirting. You must be up to 18 years before creating a profile on the app. The website has some terms and conditions which you must accept. Anyone with a criminal record is not eligible to be on the platform. Join Phrendly and make more money online.

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