How to Make Money on Periscope

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How to Make Money on Periscope

Making money online has become a trend for individuals looking for extra income. One of the more prevalent apps that allows you to make money is Periscope. Initially released in 2005, Persicope is an American live streaming video app for iOS and Android users. With the Persicope mobile app, users can make money from live streaming videos directly from their smartphones and tabs. If you are new to , a little extra guidance can go a long way to get you closer to your goals of making money online.

As a first-time user, making money on the side with Periscope can be confusing. As one of the social media platforms you can make money on, Periscope has millions of users with no clue on how to use it. While you may attempt to make money on the internet with Periscope by yourself, an expert DoNotPay aid can help you browse through the app seamlessly.

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Can You Make Money on Periscope?

Yes, you can, provided you can willingly face the challenges of doing it yourself or with the help of an expert. However, you should note that while virtually any user may buy or send super hearts to cash in real money, you must be approved as a super broadcaster.

Ways to Make Money on Periscope

Here are the tactics that exist to help you make money on Periscope effortlessly. They include

  1. Doing Live Interactions

It is important to reach out to your audience if you want to make money on Periscope. Besides the streaming chats, you must share—with your subscribers—all your social handles, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This doesn’t mean you have to befriend all your subscribers. However, you may share the socials where you need active followers, allowing them to post any queries or know more about your live streaming videos. Active interactions such as these are essential to making money online.

  1. Get a Sponsor Company

Subject to agreements, you get paid when a company agrees to sponsor your live streaming sessions. This is often referred to as brand influencing. Your followers may not be fully aware of a coffee mug with a company logo in your video as you interact with them on video.

You can also pitch a company’s ideas or products subtly or directly to your audience. However, this is subject to your marketing and pitching skills.

  1. Create Value for Your Audience

Avoid feeding your audience below-average videos. To make money from Periscope’s live streams, ensure you provide valuable information to your viewers. This translates to attracting a larger audience/ more followers as well as retaining your existing audience, which, ultimately, is key to .

How Much Do I Earn on Periscope?

As a Periscope live streamer, you can monetize your work. The Super Hearts feature lets you buy in-app hearts using real money and gift them to broadcasters. A broadcaster may then cash out the real gift for real money.

As previously mentioned, you need to be a verified super broadcaster to be able to cash out. A super broadcaster is eligible to cash out their earnings once they accrue $175 worth of in-app gifts. The potential to earn money is limitless. The more influential and viewed you are, the more money you make online with Periscope.

Extra Tips to Make Money on Periscope

Below are ways to prepare for live streaming on Periscope to increase your chances of making money:

Live stream preparationsDetails
Discover what you want to live streamPicking the right topic based on factors such as your audience can attract lots of viewers. Prepare adequately for a topic you can fluently discuss on your live stream. The more the viewers on Periscope, the higher the opportunities to make good money on Periscope
Stream consistentlyConsistency is key when attempting to make money online. Ensure you maintain a consistent schedule when streaming content. Failure to do so leads to your audience losing focus and interest.

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