How to Make Money on OSRS Easily

Make Money Online How to Make Money on OSRS Easily

How to Make Money on OSRS

Old School Runescape (OSRS) is a multiplayer online game where players play and interact. It offers different playing options which are entirely upon the player to select. Players can choose whether to fight monsters, train a skill, socialize with others, or play mini-games.

As a beginner, making money on OSRS can be challenging. You're required to reach level 3 before you earn your first 1000 gold pieces. You must complete several procedures to earn your money, which can be long and frustrating, especially if you are a beginner. DoNotPay offers the perfect solution for these challenges. With our Make Money Online Product, you don't need to worry about making money on OSRS. All you have to do is complete the steps below, and you'll have a reasonable way to make money on the internet.

How to Make Money on Old School RuneScape

Ideally, once you start playing Runescape, you're broke. Therefore, your opportunity to make money depends on whether you have a free or paid account. Players with a subscription can access all opportunities to beef up their accounts and earn. Some of the ways you can earn Runescape gold include:

CombatingYou will have to combat with cows and chickens to earn money on RuneScape in the lower levels. All you have to do is locate chickens to kill north of Lumbridge. Their feathers go for 5-15 gold pieces. You can sell them for 100-150 gold pieces for the cowhides.
FishingWith 60 GP, you can go to the docks and fish lobster pot or harpoon with at least 30 fishing. You can also go to Karamja for 30 GP, arrive on the right side of the island, and visit different fishing spots located on the fishing icon.
MiningOne of the surest ways to make money in Runescape is mining, although this can be quite slow. All you have to do is mine ores and sell them. One iron ore goes for 100 GP, making this a faster way to yield a lot of money.
RunecraftingThis is another slow but sure process you can make money on OSRS. However, you must complete Rune mystery quests to start this process. You also need to rune essence or talisman to complete this process. The rune essences are available by buying or mining them.
SmithingThis is a tedious process to make money on your phone. However, if you're consistent, you can make quite a lot of money. All you have to do is find ores and melt them into bars. You will have to take them to an anvil with a hammer. From that point, you can decide what to smith.
Cutting WoodThis is a popular way to make money on RuneScape if you are a non-member. All you have to do is use your best hatchet and cut down the highest tree level you can. You should reach up to 60 woodcuttings to make one yew. This can fetches you up to 12k, assuming you sell each log at 600.

Where Do You Sell Your RuneScape Gold Pieces?

You should note that RuneScape prohibits real-world trading of its gold pieces. This is to reduce putting players without financial resources at an advantage. Therefore, the only way to sell your gold pieces is through third-party websites. Some of the sites that facilitate real-world trading for Runescape gold pieces include:

  • RunescapeGoldMarkt
  • Food4RS
  • RSGoldMine
  • ChicksGold
  • Eldorado
  • PlayerAuctions

If you want to offer your gold pieces for sale, you should create a free account with any above listing. It would cost you almost nothing to put up your product for listing. The transaction only depends on what you are selling. For instance, selling your entire account will attract higher costs than selling a specific item. The best way to increase your revenue through your sales is through social media and selling on weekends when there are many players in these listings.

There are different ways you can get your money, depending on the platform you prefer. Generally, any platform that accepts different payment methods should be at the top of your list. Some of the methods available for your choosing are:

  • Popular cards like MasterCard and Via
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller

Make Money on OSRS With the Help of DoNotPay

Do you want to make money using your computer with OSRS but don't know where to start? Don't worry. DoNotPay got you covered with the following three easy steps:

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And that's it. You can easily make money from OSRS and earn an extra coin to help you meet your expectations.

We guarantee an easy, straightforward, and effective process to start making money on your phone. You don't have to complete Runescape's challenging processes to start earning money with us. With the three steps above, you'll be on your way to earning extra money.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

At DoNotPay, we can help you make money on the side using several ways. We can help you make money with:

  1. The Stock market 
  2. Coinbase 
  3. Make money on your phone
  4. Robinhood

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