How to Make Money on InboxDollars Easily

Get Paid to Play InboxDollars

Do you have a lot of free time on your hands? Interested in turning your mindless scrolling into money? Then you might be interested in microtasks. Microtasks allows you to turn passive activities like watching ads into cash or gift cards. There are several Get-Paid-To (GPT) platforms for you to explore, but InboxDollars leads the pack with the number of activities you can choose from. If you're interested in , DoNotPay can get you started.

How You Can Earn Money Through InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of many platforms that allow you to turn your idle time into income. Similar sites include

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. Grindabuck

If you sign up for multiple sites, you may see some of the same offers with different reward amounts, allowing you to compare potential earnings. To sign up for InboxDollars, all you need is a username, a password, and an email address. From there, you can start earning with any of the methods mentioned above.


Like many other microtask platforms, there is a multitude of :

Sign UpThat's right, get $5 just for creating your account.
SurveysThis is the bread and butter of most GPT or microtask sites. Share your opinions for money.
Print CouponsEarn twice. You get points for printing coupons and even more points when you actually redeem them on a purchase.
Magic ReceiptsWhether you use coupons or not, you can earn points just for uploading your shopping receipts to InboxDollars. Minimal points are awarded for each receipt, but there are bonus offers for seasonally popular items, like hotdogs and hamburgers in football season.
Cash BackIf you're shopping anyway, begin your trip from InboxDollars. You can use all the same coupon codes that you regularly would at that store and get a little extra back in your pocket.
Watch VideosYou can earn just by watching videos and providing feedback on the content.
Paid EmailsOpen the InboxDollars emails in your inbox and click the link at the bottom to earn.
Browse the WebIf you use InboxDollars instead of your usual search engine, you can earn faster.
Daily BonusComplete all the tasks on your list to earn a bonus amount.
Virtual Scratch TicketsCompleting activities earns you a portion of a scratch ticket. The longer you go without scratching your ticket, the larger the potential reward.
ReferralsIf you get a friend to sign up, you get a $1 bonus (up to five referrals). You also get 30% of your friend's lifetime earnings.

Engaging With Other Platforms

You're much more likely to do something if you get paid for it, which is the idea behind InboxDollars partnering with some popular apps to grow their base. if you sign up for an app. The size of the bonus will vary. You may see bonuses that grow 30% the week after you take advantage of them, but better to get what you can while supplies last - these deals don't run forever. Partners have included:

  • HelloFresh
  • Hulu
  • Stash
  • Creativebug

If there's a service you've been interested in trying, this is a great way to get a discount or even make money on the experience.

How Much Money Can I Really Make?

If you are looking to make space in your budget quickly, InboxDollars is not the best option for you. You can consistently make small amounts of money, but it won't take the place of a part-time job. Most activities will net you less than a dollar, and anything that pays out a significant amount of money takes a lot of time or is done in phases, like product testing or a focus group. Fortunately, you are given an estimate of the time commitment upfront. To optimize your earnings, set an hourly rate for yourself and only accept tasks that pay your minimum.

One of the drawbacks of InboxDollars is that while it's easy to watch the pennies stack up, you currently need to hit a $30 threshold to cash your earnings out. Once you hit that $30 mark, you can start cashing out for gift cards at merchants like

  1. Amazon
  2. Target
  3. Starbucks
  4. PayPal

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