How to Make Money Online with Facebook Live

Make Money Online How to Make Money Online with Facebook Live

How to Make Money on Facebook Live

For most people, when they hear of making money online, all that comes to their mind is the stock market or trading platforms such as Coinbase and Robinhood. What many don't know is that it's now possible to earn money through social media platforms, too. People are making money online through streaming content on various social media platforms.

Facebook is emerging as a leading platform for streaming content, and you can use it to earn money. So, how do you make money on Facebook live? DoNotPay can help.

How Do You Stream Live on Facebook?

Facebook commands the largest active audience, which means that real-time interaction on the platform can help you build up a following and real connections, converting into reputation and revenue. It is a great way to earn extra income on your phone or computer during the weekends. But first, you need to know how to stream content on Facebook.

Here's the procedure for going live on Facebook.

  1. Click the 'Live' icon on the Facebook Home Page. You can find the icon below the status post that allows you to post on the platform
  2. Give access to microphone and camera when prompted
  3. Select the audience. These are the people who can see your streamed content. You can choose public, just your friends, specific groups you belong to, etc. You can also choose 'only me' if you want to test the live stream without allowing anyone else other than you to see the video.
  4. Add a short description for your video
  5. You can choose a location, tag people, or add an activity
  6. Start your Facebook live streaming by clicking 'Start Live Video.'
  7. Once you are through with the live stream, click on 'Finish.'

And that's it! You now know how to go live on Facebook. The next question is, how do you monetize Facebook live streaming and earn some money on the side?

How to Make Money on Facebook Live

The table below explores five ways to earn income on Facebook Live.

Subscriptions or Pay Per ViewsThis Facebook live monetization program works in integration with other content streaming apps and can earn you some serious cash.

It works by asking users to pay for premium live content. Your loyal followers can subscribe to access the hidden content that is not broadcast to the public.

Ad BreaksFacebook came up with an Ad Breaks feature that allows users to earn when they go live. It places paid advertisements when over 300 people are watching simultaneously. However, your video must be either 90 seconds or longer.

  • You take short breaks during the live stream to run ads and share any revenue collected from the ads on a 55/45 basis.
  • Facebook keeps 45% of the profits while you take 55%.

Here you have an assurance of getting the revenue since viewers cannot skip the adverts during live streams. Besides, you continue to earn money from the ads when people watch the video after you end the live stream.

Paid PartnershipsFacebook users with a large audience can become social media influencers and prompt organizations and companies to reach out to them for indirect advertising with a video.

For example, if you're a fashion content creator, famous brands such as Gucci can pay you to use their products during your lives. Some brands may even sponsor your videos if your live streams get a huge following.

Affiliate ProgramsAn affiliate program is another way you can make money on Facebook live. You receive a promo code or special link from a company that you can advertise on your live stream.

When a user buys a product using that promo code or visits that link, you get a portion of the sale revenue.

Facebook StarsThe star feature allows Facebook streamers to make money when viewers buy stars and send them in the comment section. Their comments get top priority while the streamer receives payments for every star.

The value of a single star at the moment is $0.01, so to get $100, you need 10,000 stars from your followers. Although it is a slow method to earn money via Facebook live, it is a sure monetization strategy, and your revenue stream becomes steadier as you gain more followers.

What Is the Average Earning You Can Make through Facebook Live?

The average earning you can get via Facebook live depends on your following and the monetization options you choose. For instance, if you choose affiliate programs, you earn a commission when someone purchases a product via the affiliate link. If you opt for Facebook stars, you earn money when someone gives you the stars.

How Can You Maximize Earnings on Facebook Live?

You'll earn more money on Facebook live if you get more followers. The best way to guarantee more followers and steady growth is by creating captivating, informative, and good-quality content. Although services exist where you can buy followers, an organic audience is the best.

You can get a huge following by announcing your video before going live, writing a description of your live video, and figuring out the best time to go live. Additionally, engage with your audience by holding a question and answer session or asking them to say hi in the comments.

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