How to Make Money on Amazon Associates

How To Make Money On Amazon Associates With The Help Of DoNotPay

Working from home has become a worldwide reality over the past several years, with studies showing more than 4.7 million people working remotely at least half the time in the U.S. For self-employed WFHers, such as bloggers or anyone who uses a website to make money, you are likely to spend a lot of time trying to build enough of a following to make money off of your site.

One way that many entrepreneurs make money from their website is by promoting products they use with Amazon affiliate links. Whether you are a full-time blogger or just making some extra weekend income, Amazon affiliate links work around the clock. When you use an Amazon affiliate link on your website, any time someone uses your link to buy that product, you make a commission off of their purchase. Interested in learning more? This DoNotPay guide will help you learn more about , as well as how to use DoNotPay to easily and successfully get started with your own affiliate links.

What Is Amazon Associates?

The program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a program that Amazon offers to help promote items on their marketplace while making you money whenever people use your personal product links. This is a marketing tactic called affiliate marketing.

To use Amazon Associates, you must have an existing website, blog, mobile app, or YouTube channel where you can place affiliate links with the intention of your followers or viewers buying products on Amazon using your links. If you operate a website or blog, you can make money on Amazon Associates simply by signing up for their program and using your personalized links on your website. Here's how the Amazon Associates program works:

  1. A blogger or website owner creates an Amazon Associates account.
  2. The website owner is given a unique Associate ID.
  3. New associates can now begin creating affiliate links to add to their websites.
  4. Once purchases are made using these links, the Associate will start receiving commissions.

The amount of depends on how much traffic you receive to your website, though it's reported that users can expect to make at least $100 and up to $20,000 per month. Additionally, the commission rate varies depending on the products you are linking to on your website.

How Can I Make Money On Amazon Associates?

If you are a website owner and you believe you have the following that could add up to income from your affiliate links, we can help you get started on monetizing your website traffic. If you are ready to create an Amazon Associates account on your own, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up on the Amazon Associates website
  2. Enter your account and business information
  3. Create a store ID
  4. Describe how your business works and what your affiliate links will be used for
  5. Set up a payment method
  6. Start creating Amazon Affiliate Links to add to your website

Though the process for signing up for an Amazon Associates account is fairly straightforward, it can be somewhat time-consuming or confusing for new or busy entrepreneurs. That's where DoNotPay comes in. Our Make Money Online product can help you quickly and easily set up an Amazon Associates account. All we need is a bit of information from you and then we'll create your account on your behalf. You can rest assured that DoNotPay will take care of all the tedious tasks to get you on your way to making money with Amazon Associates affiliate links.

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DoNotPay Can Help

If you are ready to start earning money with Amazon Associates but you aren't sure where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in just a few simple steps:

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  3. Complete the chatbot to start earning extra cash!

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