How to Make Money Listening to Music on Spotify

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How to Make Money Listening to Music on Spotify

Listening to music is a popular hobby that can improve your mood and inspire your creativity. If you spend hours doing this, you may wonder how to . While you're unlikely to make a living by monetizing your Spotify playlists, you might be able to earn some extra cash. If you have a popular Spotify playlist with lots of followers, you're in a good position to start writing music reviews. If you're willing to switch up your listening platform, you can find online radio stations that pay you to listen.

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Can You Make Money by Listening to Music on Spotify?

It might sound too good to be true, but the opportunity to make money by listening to music does exist. While you can't earn money directly from Spotify unless you're an artist, there are ways to turn your love of music into some extra cash. Spotify won't pay you to listen to music, but there are other apps that will. Getting paid to listen to music usually involves either listening to certain online radio stations or writing reviews. Here are some options for you to check out.

To qualify, you'll need to have:

  1. At least 1000 followers per playlist
  2. At least 30 monthly active listeners per playlist
  3. Qualifying playlists that don't focus on a specific decade
Playlist PushThis site will allow you to directly benefit from your Spotify playlists, as it requires curators to have an active account that meets certain follower requirements on one of these services:
  • Spotify
  • YouTube Music
  • Apple Music

If you meet these requirements, you can apply to be a curator. Then, you'll be able to earn between $1.25 and $12 per song review. This amount depends on your reputation score, which is based on the number and activity of your Spotify followers, as well as your Playlist Push activity.

You'll have the opportunity to review songs that fit with the genres of your playlists when an artist runs a campaign with Playlist Push.

This means the number of reviews you have access to will vary based on your preferred genres and that some weeks or months will come with more review opportunities than others.

Current RewardsWith Current, you can earn points by listening to music through the Current Rewards app.

You'll need to pick from curated radio stations according to your listening preferences. Then, you can exchange the points you earn for gift cards and other rewards for a total value of up to $600 per year.

RadioEarnRadioEarn is similar to Current Rewards. You'll sign up for an account and then earn points for listening to online stations. You can cash in your rewards for Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, or cash sent to your bank.
SlicethepieSlicethepie is a site that allows you to write paid music reviews. The average review pays around 10 cents, and you'll need to earn $10 to cash out with PayPal.

While this is much less money than Playlist Push pays, there's no selective qualification process, so this could be a good way to get started with music reviews if you don't have an active Spotify following.

SubmithubThis company has similar requirements to Playlist Push's, with curators needing at least 1000 followers per playlist to qualify. Submithub pays about 50 cents per review.

Additionally, popular playlist owners might accept payments from artists to add their songs to the playlist. However, this is against Spotify's terms and conditions, so it's not necessarily the best idea in the long run.

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