How to Make Money Fast on Hay Day

How to Make Money Fast on Hay Day

Hay Day is a popular app that was created in 2012 by Supercell. It is a farming simulator that allows you to plant trees, raise animals, sell products, and compete in derbies, among others. The app is a freemium game, and all features are available to every participant who doesn't buy in-app purchases.

You can make huge amounts of by filling your farm with many trees that will translate to cash. However, it is not easy as you must know how to maneuver ways of making money on the platform to beat the competition. You don't have to worry since DoNotPay, through its make-money-online product, guides you on how to monetize your Hay Day farm in a fast way.

How You Qualify to Make Money on Hay Day

There is no set eligibility to ; all you need is to download the Hay Day app from the play store. Take note that you can use the app on your mobile phone and computer, and thus you can use it on your preferred device.

Learn How Hay Day Works

After downloading the app, you can start planning and organizing your farm right away. Hay Day grants you the opportunity to choose and plant the crop you prefer; however, some crops, such as apples, make more money than others. Below is how to make money fast on Hay Day:

  1. Plant and sell rare and Fast-Growing Crops
  2. Expand Your Land
  3. Newspaper Ads
  4. Use Tom, The Errand Boy
Plant and sell rare and Fast-Growing CropsThe faster a crop grows, the faster it is to make money with it. For instance, wheat takes two minutes to grow, making it a crop that has a quick turnaround, allowing you to make as much money as possible.
Expand Your LandIf you want to maximize your sales, you should aim to expand your farm and plant more crops. Assume you plant a fast-growing crop like wheat on a large piece of land, it means that you will have so much to sell after every two minutes.
Newspaper AdsHay Day newspaper provides a couple of ads that enable you to purchase items cheaply and sell them in your roadside shop at a profit. Be aware of the currently running ads, take advantage of the deals, and make money on them.

Sometimes there are no good items on sale and in such a case, it is advisable to alter the available selection by changing the game language in the setting section. Altering the game's language will display new and better items.

Use Tom, The Errand BoyOnce you reach level 14, you can unlock Tom, a little helper. It is free to use Tom for the first time, but you have to pay for his services for the subsequent uses. You must pay 15 diamonds for Tom to offer services to you.

You have to invest money to get money, and so it is with Tom errand boy. You sent the errand boy every 2 hours to look for items on your behalf: only items that can be sold on the roadside to make a considerable profit. Some of these items include cherries, apples, berries, and more.

How Much Do You Earn in Hay Day?

There are several ways of making money on Hay Day, ranging from selling crops such as berries and wheat to selling farm tools. You set the price for your items and tools, and thus there is no set rate of earning in the app. The choice you make about the crops to grow as well as the organization of your firm depends on how much you earn from your project.

Extra Tips to Successfully Earn Money on Hay Day

To successfully make money on Hay Day, you need to know:

  • The most profitable trees to plant. Apple trees lead in profit-making, followed by coffee bushes and olives trees
  • Know the popularity of a product as apples are not popular as berries but sell eventually
  • Know about the item that sells expensively. From level 1-17, bacon and eggs fetch a maximum price of 201 coins. The most expensive product from level 18 is bacon pie which sells at 219 coins.

Having these tips will help you know how and where to invest in your farm.

Though you can grind and discover your own ways of making money on Hay Day, it can be a challenging adventure. It demands you to be competent to compete successfully and make more money. DoNotPay has a perfect solution to your problem as it guides you on how to monetize your farm and increase earnings.

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