Tips on How To Lower Property Taxes

Reducing Property Taxes Tips on How To Lower Property Taxes

Money-Saving Hacks—How To Lower Property Taxes

Whether you live in one of the states with high or low property taxes, you’re probably cashing out more money to cover your tax bill than you’d like to. If you want to know how to lower property taxes, you need to understand how they work.

We’ll cover all the bases—break down property taxes and methods of reducing them!

Reducing Property Taxes—Property Tax Explained

If you own property, you need to pay property taxes, but it’s not that simple. Your property tax bill depends on two factors:

  1. The value of your property
  2. The local property tax rate

A local property assessor determines your property’s value once they perform a property tax assessment remotely or in person. The assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate to calculate your tax bill.

Property Tax Rates in Different States

Property tax rates vary considerably depending on which state you live in. You may pay between $560 and $7,800 annually.

Check out some of the lowest and highest property tax rates in the U.S.:

States With Low Property TaxesTax RateStates With High Property TaxesTax Rate
Alabama0.33%New Jersey1.89%
West Virginia0.49%Wisconsin1.76%
District of Columbia0.46%Illinois1.73%
Louisiana0.18%New Hampshire1.86%

Why Do I Have To Pay Property Taxes?

If you require help paying your property taxes, you may start wondering why you have to pay them in the first place.

The government imposes property taxes on all property you own. The local governments use the funds they collect from your property tax for public purposes. If you pay your taxes, your money will contribute to:

  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency centers
  • Protective services
  • Parks and recreation
  • Maintenance services
  • Community services 
  • Police departments 
  • County and municipal expenses

How Can I Reduce My Property Taxes?

You can try out some methods of reducing your property taxes even before your tax bill arrives.

Here are our tax reduction tips:


Put off home improvements after your assessment

Home renovations may increase your home’s market value, which will boost your tax bill

Make sure you’re present during the in-person property assessment

Ask questions and voice your doubts. It’s more likely to get a fair assessment if the homeowner is there

Research the neighboring properties

The property tax assessment info is public. Locate comparable homes in your area and look for any discrepancies

Explore property tax exemptions you may be eligible for

A property tax exemption could allow you to be partially or fully exempt from paying your property taxes

Examine your tax bill

  • Look for errors in your bill
  • Contact the property assessor if you find any mistakes
  • Request a reassessment or file a property tax appeal if necessary

Property Tax Exemptions—Ways To Lower Property Taxes

A property tax exemption is one of the best methods of reducing your taxes. Different jurisdictions have different policies and eligibility factors. Sometimes, the exemption entails a percentage of your home to be excluded. Other times, it’s a fixed amount. Some states require applicants to choose one exemption, while others allow you to combine two.

The most common property tax exemptions are the following:

Learn About Exemptions That Reduce Property Taxes in Your State

As exemptions differ based on your location, you may want to explore what your place of residence has to offer. Find out more about property tax exemption in the following states, counties, and cities

U.S. StatesCounties and Cities

Use DoNotPay To Reduce Your Property Tax

Looking for info on reducing your property taxes based on your location and the specific situation may seem taxing. Luckily, DoNotPay can assist you! If you obtain our Property Tax guide, you’ll get a personalized blueprint for lower taxes.

After you click several times, your unique guide will be ready to save you both time and money. The property tax guide consists of these sections:

  1. Property tax exemptions
    • A list of property tax exemptions you are eligible for
    • Instructions on collecting the necessary documents and filling out forms
    • Steps to submitting your application
  2. Property assessment appeals
    • Methods of negotiating with your tax assessor
    • Guidelines for appealing property assessments
    • Ways of gathering evidence to reduce your home’s value

How Does DoNotPay’s Reducing Property Tax Feature Work?

Access our app from any web browser and follow these short steps to receive your special guide:

  1. Navigate to the Property Tax feature
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