How To Keep Neighbor’s Cats Out of My Yard Efficiently

Neighbor Complaints How To Keep Neighbor’s Cats Out of My Yard Efficiently

How To Keep Neighbor's Cats Out of My Yard

Has your neighbor’s cat made your yard their territory? If you’re frustrated because their feline friend not only poops in your yard but also tears off your home-grown flowers and veggies, let us help you out!

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Why Should You Keep Cats Out of Your Yard?

There are many reasons for not wanting a cat in your yard:

  1. Cats can ruin your well-maintained garden, including your flowers and vegetables, by scratching the plants or digging the soil they’re growing on
  2. They can poop on your lawn. Cat feces contain parasites and pathogens that can be harmful in the long run
  3. Cleaning up poop is a hassle, especially if the pet is not yours
  4. Cats can leave dead animals in your yard
  5. You might own a pet, and they can feel threatened when another animal enters their territory

How Can I Keep My Neighbor's Cats Out of My Yard?

There are several actions you can take to prevent a neighbor’s cat from entering your yard, as mentioned in the table below:

Potential RemediesDetails
ScentsCats detest scents like citrus, rue, and lavender. You can:

  • Spread orange or lemon peels over your lawn
  • Use citrus- or lavender-scented spray
  • Plant garlic in your yard
  • Sprinkle coffee beans around the garden
Make the soil pricklyCats like walking on soft surfaces. If you create a prickly surface, cats are less likely to come by. Here’s how to do it:

  • Cover the soil in twigs
  • Add pine cones or other thorny yard trimmings
  • Place chicken wire on the ground
Washing up the areaIf the cat has a specific location it visits, wash that area with a garden hose to remove its scent
FencesPlace a fence around your yard, high enough to prevent your neighbor’s cat from entering. Electric low voltage fences are forbidden in the U.S., so don’t resort to them
Motion detecting lawn sprinklerYou can install lawn sprinklers with motion detectors. As soon as they detect any movement, they turn on and drench the pet who tried to invade your yard. Set a timer to ensure it’s the cat getting soaked and not you

Many people recommend placing moth balls around the garden, but they are toxic to both humans and animals and are not recommended.

Check the Local Laws

Before taking any action, it’s important to check local laws. Pay attention to the following clauses:

  • Number of animals allowed per household
  • Types of animals
  • Cleaning up after a pet

If your issue is not included in the local legislation, the police department might not be able to help you unless there is an emergency.

Try Making a Deal With Your Neighbors

Negotiating is the best way to maintain cordial relations and prevent escalation. It’s important to stay calm during the process, no matter how frustrating it gets. You can follow these instructions to make a deal with your feline-loving neighbors:

  1. Visit them in person and be polite
  2. Exchange pleasantries before going into the issue
  3. Let them know how their cat’s behavior affects you
  4. Tell them what measures they can take to prevent their cat from invading your yard
  5. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help

Feel free to mention if any local or neighborhood rules are broken, but use it as a secret weapon in the end.

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DoNotPay Can Help Create a Demand Letter in Minutes

If your neighbor isn’t interested in resolving the issue, you should send them a demand letter warning them about the legal consequences they might face. DoNotPay can create a demand letter for you in no time. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Search for the Neighbor Complaints tool
  3. Select the type of neighbor complaint you want to file
  4. Add details to help us personalize it

We will generate the demand letter and mail it to your neighbor. In most cases, people will try and avoid facing legal action and handle the issue themselves.

If you need help with noisy and harassing neighbors or the ones with a loud dog, we can help you write a letter or explain how to file a complaint with the local authorities. Check out some other neighbor-related problems that we tackle:

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