How to Get Out of Jury Duty Legitimately

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How to Get Out of Jury Duty Legitimately

One of the things you will eventually have to face as an American citizen is serving jury duty. Some people love jury duty, and others will avoid it at any cost. While serving jury duty is an important part of being an American citizen, there are certain situations where you might not be able to do it. This guide will give you some excuses on how to .

There are several things that can get you out of jury duty, but you shouldn't abuse them. Some people genuinely can't serve at certain times, so if you can serve, you should do so. However, if you can't, you will need to send a letter to the court explaining why you can't serve jury duty.

If you don't want to write the letter on your own, DoNotPay is happy to step in and write it for you.

Can Anyone File to Be Excused?

Certain people don't have to serve jury duty at all, including active duty police officers or firefighters, among others. However, anyone is allowed to file to be excused from serving jury duty. When you get summoned, you can respond to the summons explaining why you believe you should get out of serving. The court then decides whether or not it is a valid reason.

Potential to Be Excused

The following categories of people have a higher likelihood of being excused from jury duty.

  1. Being seventy years of age or older
  2. Having served on a grand or petit jury within the last two years
  3. Volunteer safety personnel such as paramedics and firefighters

Other Reasons You Might Get Excused

Along with the above, the following excuses have a decent chance of getting you .

Excuse:Reason Why Excused:
Financial HardshipThe court recognizes that some may suffer financial hardship by taking time off work to perform jury duty. They don’t want to put people out in this way, and they will excuse those who can prove extreme financial stress.
Breastfeeding MotherThe mother of a young child who is still breastfeeding cannot be kept away from her child for the time that it takes to serve on a jury, and she will be excused.
Primary CaregiverChildren who rely on a primary caregiver cannot be denied access to that caregiver, and the court recognizes this as a legitimate reason to get out of jury duty.
Students Who Will Miss ClassesStudents need to have the ability to attend their classes on a timely schedule, and the court will not take away from their time to study if they can at all prevent it.
Other Reasons That May Cause HardshipThere are other valid reasons that the court may recognize for someone to miss out on jury duty. They will take this on a case-by-case basis.

Always Exempt

Certain parts of the population are automatically exempt from serving on a jury due to the nature of their position. Here are some examples:

  • Full-time police officers
  • Full-time fire department members
  • Active duty armed service members

If you receive a summons to serve jury duty and can't serve, it is essential you respond to the summons. If you don't respond, the court will assume you are trying to skip jury duty, and there can be serious consequences. If you need to be removed for any reason, you need to write a letter explaining why and send it back with your summons.

Jury Duty Laws by State

If you need more information on the jury laws in your state, click on the link below for your state.

MarylandNorth CarolinaPennsylvania
New York StateNew JerseyTennessee
ColoradoWashington StateMissouri
MassachusettsUtahSouth Carolina
West VirginiaLouisianaIowa
HawaiiNew MexicoMississippi
MaineNebraskaNew Hampshire
Rhode IslandDelawareMontana
WyomingAlaskaSouth Dakota
VermontNorth DakotaDistrict of Columbia

Regardless of the state you live in, if you need to be excused from jury duty, you need to respond to the summons with a letter. If you just don't show up, you could end up with a fine or worse.

We Can Get You Excused From Jury Duty

If you cannot serve jury duty for some reason, DoNotPay will write a letter of excusal for you.

If you need to file an excuse request, DoNotPay can do it in three easy steps:

  1. Search Jury Duty Excuse on DoNotPay, and enter your jury duty summons information, including the assigned date, court name, juror number, and more.
  2. Select your reason for excusal, and provide a few more details regarding your situation and upload evidence to prove your point.
  3. Enter the fax number or mailing address for the courtroom as displayed on your jury summons letter.

Why You Should Use Us to File a Jury Duty Excusal Letter

When you are already busy, you might not want to deal with writing a letter to get yourself excused from jury duty. DoNotPay is happy to write one on your behalf. Here are some reasons you should use DoNotPay for your excusal letter.

  • It's successful: You can have faith that DoNotPay will write you a letter to get you excused from jury duty.
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