Excuses That'll Help You Get Out of Jury Duty In South Carolina

Excuses That'll Help You Get Out of Jury Duty In South Carolina

If you’ve been recently summoned for jury duty, especially if it’s not the first time, you might be reluctant to ask for time off from work. States have different regulations regarding jury duty exemptions. In this article, we will explain how to get out of jury duty in South Carolina and how you can postpone it.

If you do decide to perform your jury service, you can to formally request jury duty leave from work.

South Carolina Jury Duty FAQ

In the following table, you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding jury duty in SC:

How does jury duty work?You get summons and a deadline to respond after what you:
  1. Appear in court and answer questions to prove you have no association with the case
  2. Go to every hearing
  3. Decide whether the defendant is guilty based on facts presented
How much do jurors get paid?While all federal jurors get paid $50 per daily attendance, state pay laws differ throughout the U.S.
How long can jury duty last?The timeframe of your service will depend on whether you are a part of a:
  • Petit jury—Petit jury duty may last anywhere between three to five days
  • Grand jury—Grand jurors need to be present between 12 and 18 months during a term of court
Why do you have to do jury duty?Jury duty is important because it enables a fair and unbiased trial for all citizens

Who Is Exempt From Jury Duty in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, you may skip jury duty if you can offer a valid excuse. The following categories can be exempt from jury duty:

  • 65-year old citizens—You’ll need to call the clerk of court to confirm your age
  • Students—You may postpone jury duty once to a date that works better
  • Physically or mentally disabled people—Medical documentation that proves you’re unable to serve jury duty is required
  • Single mothers—Mothers with sole custody of children under seven can be excused from jury duty
  • People with insufficient education—If you have less than a sixth-grade education, you are automatically exempt from serving as a juror
  • Members of the SC police force—If you are a sheriff in the state of South Carolina, you are exempt from jury duty

If you qualify for any of these exemptions, you must submit an affidavit with the clerk of the court.

You also have the option of submitting a jury duty excuse letter if you don’t qualify for any of the statutory exemptions, but you believe that serving jury duty will cause you undue hardship.

Can You Reject Jury Duty in South Carolina Because of Work?

Having a job isn’t enough to excuse you from jury duty since your employer doesn’t have the right to fire or penalize you in any way for missing work because of it. Some courts may excuse you, though, if you can prove that performing jury duty will cause undue hardship for you or your employer.

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