Explore How To Get Divorced in GA

How To Get Divorced in GA From A to Z

Getting divorced is challenging and stressful, but understanding the requirements, documentation, and procedures can take a load off your mind. Do you need to hire an attorney? How much will a divorce cost you? What forms do you need to complete when filing for divorce?

If you’d like to learn how to get divorced in GA, and get the answers to all the divorce-related questions, you’ve landed on the right page.

How To Get Divorced in GA—Learn the Basics

You should get familiar with the following terms used during the divorce process:

  1. The plaintiff or petitioner is the spouse who files for divorce
  2. The defendant or respondent is the other spouse

To file for divorce in Georgia, you’ll need to complete the required divorce forms and start the process by submitting the Complaint for Divorce.

As you need to fulfill the legal requirements, your complaint needs to state:

  • That you meet the residency requirements, i.e., either you or your spouse has been a resident of the county in which you file for divorce for at least six months
  • Legal grounds for your divorce

Legal Grounds for Divorce in GA

You can file for fault or no-fault divorce, and the table shows the difference between the two types:

Divorce TypeExplanation
Fault divorceState the reason why your spouse is at fault for the end of your marriage. You can use one of the following fault grounds:
  • You were forced or tricked into marrying your spouse
  • You and your spouse are closely related
  • Your spouse has:
    • Left you for a year or longer
    • Been mentally ill or incapacitated
    • Committed adultery
    • Used drugs or alcohol regularly
    • Been impotent
    • Treated you cruelly
    • Been pregnant with another person
    • Been sentenced to prison for more than two years

Keep in mind that this type of divorce can lead to a lengthy, complex, and pricey divorce procedure if your spouse doesn’t agree with the stated reasons

No-fault divorceState the marriage is irretrievably broken and try to reach an out-of-court settlement with your spouse on all divorce-related issues, including:
  1. Alimony
  2. The division of property
  3. Child custody, visitation, and support

Keep in mind that a friendly and uncontested divorce is the least expensive, time-consuming, and complicated procedure you can go through without even hiring a lawyer

Where To File for Divorce in GA

You need to file the divorce complaint with the clerk’s office in the superior court of the county where you or your spouse have resided for at least six months.

The clerk needs to:

  1. Get a signed complaint
  2. Provide a copy with a date stamp and notation

Keep in mind that you need to give a copy of the document to your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Draft a Reliable Divorce Settlement Agreement

Once you and your spouse reach a satisfactory agreement on all divorce matters, you need to create and sign a divorce settlement agreement. This document must include all the agreed issues and both signatures, and you need to present it to the court to show that you and your spouse have resolved the case alone.

to prepare a reliable divorce settlement agreement for your uncontested divorce (with children or without).

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DoNotPay has an extensive database with all relevant state laws and regulations to help you create a divorce settlement agreement to meet the official requirements. You provide your personal information, and we’ll make sure it fits the legal frame of the document you can present to the court.

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  1. Type Divorce Settlement Agreement in the search box
  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions
  3. Enter the information on your debts, income, and property

Our AI-powered app scans state law and uses the information you’ve provided to generate a document tailored to your state, local, and personal requirements.

How To Get Divorced in GA—What Additional Information To Prepare

Your county might require you to provide some financial information. As this depends on the county, you’ll need to check by getting in touch with the clerk’s office of DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Muscogee, or any other county where you or your spouse live and decide to file for divorce.

Here’s a list of financial disclosures you might need to turn over:

  • Debts
  • Assets
  • Income
  • Tax returns
  • Card statements
  • Bank statements
  • Personal financial statements

How Long Do You Need To Wait for a Divorce in GA?

In case of no-fault divorce, you’ll need to wait for at least 30 days for the court to issue the Final Order and Decree of Divorce.

As the time depends on the court availability and workload, most uncontested divorces in GA are finalized within 45 to 60 days after filing the papers.

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