How to Find Out If You Have Jury Duty?

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How To Find Out if You Have Jury Duty—An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Since serving on a jury is mandatory for all American citizens, you could be asking—how do I know if I have jury duty? You need to make sure that a court has sent you the summons, as you are not allowed to skip attendance.

This brief guide will teach you how to find out if you have jury duty. We’ll also provide you with details on how to prepare for service if you’re unsure about how jury duty works.

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Find Out Why You Have Jury Duty

It’s important to know how a federal or state court chooses the citizens to do jury duty. To find out if you have jury duty, you’ll first need to get acquainted with the criteria for selecting potential jurors. You will automatically be disqualified from serving on a jury if you are:

  • Not an American citizen
  • Have resided in the judicial district issuing the summons for less than a year
  • Unable to speak English proficiently
  • Mentally or physically incapacitated
  • Convicted for felony, perjury, or murder

If you don’t meet any of the disqualifying criteria, you’ll have to check if you’ve been called to jury duty and respond in a timely manner.

How To Check if You Have Been Summoned for Jury Duty

You can check your jury duty status in the following ways:

  • Online
  • In person, at a federal, state, or local court

Don’t worry about losing money if you have jury duty—all states offer compensation for serving on a jury. How much you’ll get depends on the state in which you’re serving. The payment will also be different if you’re serving as a juror in a federal court.

Doing an Online Check on Whether You Have Jury Duty

The online method is more convenient—in a few clicks, you will be able to see whether you have jury duty, as well as if it was postponed or canceled. All you’ll need is the Participant Number indicated in your summons. If you’ve lost it, contact the court that summoned you via phone and ask them to email it to you.

To check in on your jury duty this way, do as follows:

  1. Visit the eJuror website
  2. Type in your Participant Number
  3. Enter the first three letters of your surname and your birth date
  4. Select the Status tab
  5. Check reporting instructions to see whether you’re obligated to attend

Checking if You Have Jury Duty in Person

You can also find out the status of your jury duty by asking for information at the court.

If you want to do it this way, take the following steps:

  1. Find your local state court or use the Court Locator if you’re looking for a federal court
  2. Visit the court and find a clerk
  3. Ask about the status of your jury duty
  4. Confirm whether you’re required to attend

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Here’s all you need to do:

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If you need information about state-specific jury duty laws, take a look at this table:

MarylandNorth CarolinaPennsylvania
New York StateNew JerseyTennessee
ColoradoWashington StateMissouri
MassachusettsUtahSouth Carolina
West VirginiaLouisianaIowa
HawaiiNew MexicoMississippi
MaineNebraskaNew Hampshire
Rhode IslandDelawareMontana
WyomingAlaskaSouth Dakota
VermontNorth DakotaDistrict of Columbia

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