How To Fill Out a Power of Attorney Form the Easy Way

Create a Power of Attorney How To Fill Out a Power of Attorney Form the Easy Way

Tips and Tricks on How To Fill Out a Power of Attorney Form

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What Is a Power of Attorney?

If you need someone to make decisions for you regarding business, healthcare, real estate, or legal matters, you should create a power of attorney. It is a legal document that allows the agent to make decisions for the principal in the case of mental or physical incapacitation.

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Creating a Power of Attorney Yourself

If you want to create a power of attorney yourself, you can find templates online or pay a lawyer for professional help. Either way, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose a reliable agent
  2. Select the power of attorney type
  3. Identify the duration of the POA
  4. Compose and sign the document and get it notarized

Choose a Reliable Agent

Choosing an agent can be quite tricky. Ideally, you want to select someone you know and trust, but you also want to confirm that they understand their duties. Most principals choose the following subjects as their agents:

  • Spouse
  • Adult child of over 18 years
  • Sibling
  • Trusted friend

Whoever you choose, you must make sure that they will make sound decisions and act in your best interests.

Select the Power of Attorney Type

In case you’re wondering what power of attorney you need to choose, here is a list of the basic types:

  1. General POA—The principal delegates all legal, business, healthcare, and real estate powers to the agent
  2. Durable POA—With this agreement, the principal hands over the power for a longer period. The agreement immediately becomes effective and stays in effect even if the principal becomes mentally or physically incapacitated
  3. Springing POA—The agreement becomes effective if a trigger event or incident takes place
  4. Limited POA—The agent has powers over specific matters and for a limited period
  5. Financial POA—The agent has responsibility for the principal’s financial matters

Identify the Duration of the POA

It is important to identify the effective date and duration of the agreement. A durable POA is effective immediately after signing and remains valid even if the principal becomes incapacitated. A limited POA is effective for a specific purpose and ends as soon as the purpose is achieved.

You should think about your needs carefully and clearly define relevant time frames in the document.

Compose and Sign the Document and Get It Notarized

Write the document yourself or hire a lawyer to do it for you. Once the document is complete, both the principal and the agent need to sign the document.

After signing, get it notarized by the notary public to make it official. In some states, you might also need additional witnesses to sign the document.

How To Fill Out a Power of Attorney

It is essential to compose the document properly because if you accidentally miss out on a crucial element, it might not be effective. Regardless of the type of power of attorney, the procedure of filling out the document stays the same. Here is an overview of the elements you should include in your POA document:

Key ElementsBrief Explanation
PrincipalName, contact info, and address of the principal(s)
AgentFull legal name and contact information of the agent(s)
Time limitationsEffective dates of the agreement and other relevant time-sensitive details
Authority and powers delegated to the agentA clear mention of all the powers that are handed over to the agent, such as:

  • Handling finances
  • Making legal decisions
  • Buying or selling assets or real estate
  • Deciding healthcare options for the principal
SignaturesSignatures of both parties, confirming they have read and understood the terms of the document
NotarizationA notary’s signature with a seal and the date of notarization (if required)

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