How to Evict a Roommate in Michigan the Legal Way

How to Evict a Roommate in Michigan the Legal Way

Problems with roommates are all too common. Whether the person is your friend or just someone who met the application requirements, butting heads and having differences in the way you live can take a major toll on the relationship.

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Eviction Laws in Michigan

In Michigan, it is not legal for anyone (landlord, roommate, or otherwise) to attempt to shut off utilities or change the locks in order to get someone to comply with an eviction. You must go through legal channels to do so, or you may face legal repercussions. A few other laws are:

  1. As the homeowner, you may issue a Notice to Quit. This informs the other tenant in the home that they are being asked to leave and why.
  2. If no attempt is made to rectify the situation within 7 days, you may then submit a Summons and Complaint through the court.
  3. A court hearing must be attended so both parties may speak. The judge will make a final decision.

Who Has the Legal Power to Evict a Roommate in Michigan?

Only the owner of the property has the legal right to evict a roommate or tenant in Michigan. If you and your roommate signed a lease together, you will have to speak with the homeowner regarding the matter and allow them to handle the eviction if they agree. Be aware that this could result in both of you getting evicted from the property.

If you are the home's owner and allowed someone to rent a room within your household, you will have an easier time getting this task accomplished as you see fit.

Reasons Why You May Need to Evict a RoommateYou cannot simply kick out a roommate because you are not getting along at the time. There needs to be a valid reason for it, such as:

  • They have not paid their portion of the rent or utilities.
  • They have overstayed the lease.
  • They have created a health hazard within the home.
  • They have caused damage to your property.
  • They have gotten into a physical altercation with you.
  • They have involved themselves with illegal activities while on the premises.
  • They have violated a term of the lease, such as having a pet when they were not allowed to or inviting someone else to live there, etc.
What Can I Do if My Roommate Refuses to Leave?If you ask your roommate to leave and they do not comply, you must start the eviction process. If they still do not leave, you will, unfortunately, have to wait until the judge makes the final decision and a sheriff is asked to come and escort them from the premises. 

Evict Your Michigan Roommate on Your Own

To start the eviction process, you must go to your county clerk's office and ask for the appropriate forms to file. It will cost $45 in most counties to file this initial form. However, if you are also asking for owed rent or money for another purpose, such as to cover damages that were done, that will result in an additional charge of up to $150 for the appropriate form.

You must have your roommate served up to 3 days before the hearing date, as well as hand them or leave at the door a second copy of the notices and forms. You will then have to attend a court hearing.

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