How to Delete Reviews on Facebook

Remove Negative Reviews & Photos How to Delete Reviews on Facebook

How to Delete Reviews on Facebook Instantly

When you find your business being targeted by fake or harmful online reviews, your reputation could take a serious hit. Reviews are one of the first things that consumers look at when determining whether to try out a new restaurant or to shop at a new store. If you want to learn how to delete reviews on Facebook, look no further. DoNotPay can help.

Reputation management is a very important part of owning and operating a small business. The internet has an immeasurable impact on consumers considering its reach which is why you need to learn how to report and delete reviews on Facebook that could damage your business and hurt your good reputation. With DoNotPay, your small business has the support that it needs to thrive in a tough online world.

Are You Able to Delete Reviews on Facebook?

Owning and operating a small business means that you deal with challenges every day. Part of the struggle of running a small business is managing your reputation online through sites like Facebook. While ideally all of the reviews that you receive on your Facebook business page will be good ones, everyone has bad days on occasion and odds are that you will get a less-than-glowing review from time to time.

It can be troublesome when your business's Facebook page receives a review that you believe is fake or simply untrue. Enough of these fake reviews could cause serious damage to your business and eventually, they could affect your income. While you aren't able to delete reviews from a Facebook business page, you do have options that you can turn to in order to manage your reputation and protect your small business.

Does Facebook Ever Delete Reviews?

Facebook does not typically delete reviews on business pages. However, there are a few reasons why a review might get removed by Facebook. These reasons include:

  • If a review left on your business page is found to be in violation of Facebook's Community Standards.
  • If the review is left by an account that is deemed to be using a fake name or impersonating someone else.
  • If a review is found to include spam or harmful links.

If a review is genuine, however harmful or negative, your best course of action is to respond to the review publicly and show other potential clients or customers how you took action to try to resolve the issue. However, if you truly believe that the review is spam or fake, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to protect your business page.

How to Handle Fake and Harmful Facebook Reviews on Your Own

There are two ways to try to get reviews on Facebook removed. You can find more information below:

1. Flag and report the review. Once a review is flagged, Facebook's team can look into the review and determine whether it was left by a real person. This process can take a while.

In the meantime, after you flag the review by clicking on the three dots to the upper right of the review and reporting it, you should respond to the review on Facebook so that potential customers can see you responded to the complaint.

2. Hide reviews on your business page. You can choose to hide your reviews from your Facebook business page.

While this doesn't delete the photos from your page, it hides them from view. It's not an ideal option, but if you have suddenly received a swarm of possibly-fake reviews, this might be a way to manage your page until the harmful reviews can be handled.

Use DoNotPay to Remove Negative Reviews on Facebook

DoNotPay offers support for small businesses who want to protect their reputation.

Here's how to remove negative reviews with DoNotPay:

  1. Select which platform the review was posted on. 
  2. Enter the url to the review and upload a photo to help us identify it. 
  3. Indicate why you want to report the review and also provide a detailed description. 
  4. And that's it! We'll report the review so that it gets investigated by the platform and taken down once they determine it's inappropriate.

DoNotPay has your back, analyzing and reporting reviews on your behalf so that you don't have to stress about your Facebook page getting taken over by bots or spammers. With DoNotPay, your reputation is in good hands!

DoNotPay Works Across All Platforms

Aside from helping you out in dealing with terrible Facebook reviews, DoNotPay is your one-stop resource for maintaining the integrity of your other business online profiles. We can help you delete bad reviews on:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can help with other tasks that you need to accomplish. Apart from helping you get rid of bad reviews on your profiles, we can also assist you with:

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