How to Delete a Review on Tripadvisor In Less Than 5 Minutes

Remove Negative Reviews & Photos How to Delete a Review on Tripadvisor In Less Than 5 Minutes

How to Delete a Review on Tripadvisor In Less Than 5 Minutes

Tripadvisor is a travel company that relies heavily on user content and comparisons. Users can search for reviews for their hotel accommodations, restaurants, and more. Therefore, negative reviews are not something companies want to show up on Tripadvisor and mean discovering .

If your business has a negative review or even several of them, DoNotPay can help you discover how to get rid of it. We can help you discover how to start the process, and what to do if you cannot figure out the process.

Can Fake Reviews Be Deleted From Tripadvisor?

You can remove a fake or negative review from your business' profile page only if it violates their Terms of Service. This means that in order for them to remove it, it must:

  1. Be Irrelevant

If a review is linked to your business but applies to another, Tripadvisor will typically remove it. Reviews that ask questions of other users rather than provide genuine feedback on your business can also be removed. There are other areas of their website that these things can be addressed, therefore, they should not remain in your reviews.

  1. Include Inappropriate Language

Tripadvisor only allows reviews that are family-friendly. If a review includes profanity, harmful opinions, personal attacks, or threats, you can have it removed.

  1. Includes Bias Against Your Business

Reviews from past employees for your company, your family, and friends are not allowed. Tripadvisor only allows real reviews from unbiased users. If you choose to have friends or family provide fake reviews, it can negatively affect your ratings. This means you absolutely should report those reviews to have them removed.

  1. Not Original or Recent

Reviews, whether good or bad, must be made within a year of a guest visiting your business. If there is a review that is made to sound recent, but you are unsure that it was a recent stay, you can report it. Beyond that, reviews must also be from the original reservation holder. Secondhand reviews that express opinions "My friend stayed there and…" will be removed if you report them.

Why You Should Report Fake Reviews on Tripadvisor

Reviews can make your business, but they can also break it. If word gets out that you’re being bombarded by negative reviews, even if they’re fake, you could lose your reputation and livelihood. You should report fake reviews to

Provide accurate feedbackMaking sure the information that the wider world receives about your service is fair and accurate.
Protect your service from slanderPeople will get the wrong impression about who you are and how you operate if you are constantly bombarded by fake reviews that make your service appear a certain way.

How to Flag or Report Reviews on Tripadvisor

If there is a review that you feel violates the Terms of Service, you will need to find out what is required when . The process is mostly easy; however, it is a process. You will need to:

  1. Look for reviews that you feel are fake or inappropriate.
  2. Locate proof of your claims if possible.
  3. Log in to your business management center.
  4. Visit the reviews tab and select report a review.
  5. Fill out the form, fully explaining why you feel the review should be removed.
  6. A representative from Tripadvisor will review your claim and relevant information.

In most situations, the review will be left on the Tripadvisor website. This is because they check reviews before allowing them to be posted on the website. The only reviews that may be removed are those that somehow fall through the cracks, which can happen but is rare.

How Long Does It Take Tripadvisor to Delete Review?

Now that you know how to delete reviews on Tripadvisor, you may be wondering how long it will take to get a response. Unfortunately, the review may be left on your business page for a while waiting for a review from Tripadvisor.

Posting a review for a business can take hours or weeks to get through the system. Therefore, reporting an issue with a review can take weeks. Your wait time will depend on how many reviews/flags are going through at the time of your report.

Steps to Take if Tripadvisor Doesn’t Delete the Review

Responding to reviews, whether good or bad, is always a good practice for businesses to take part in. If the review is good, you want to thank them for leaving a review and encourage them to visit again in the future.

If there is a review that you feel is wrong and you want it removed but cannot get it done quickly enough or it does not go against the Terms of Service; you must find another way to handle it. This will usually require you to respond to the negative reviews while they remain on the Tripadvisor website.

You can do this by:

  • Acknowledging their negative feedback.
  • Apologizing for the issues they wrote about.
  • Explain what happened in your opinion.
  • Offer compensation. (If necessary)
  • Encourage the reviewer to talk to you offline to address their issue.

If Tripadvisor will not remove the comments and you feel that you're justified in wanting them removed, you have the option to take it further by suing someone for defamation of character.

Why Does Tripadvisor Have Reviews and Should I Keep It?

Tripadvisor ensures that people have a pleasant experience when they visit a business. A lot of this is based on the reviews that people leave regarding their experience while staying in your hotel or eating at your restaurant. Therefore, it is not possible to remove reviews about your business or to "opt-out" of having reviews left unless you are not a part of the Tripadvisor website.

However, having several negative reviews about your business can cause a problem for your business' success. You can and should flag as many of the negative reviews as possible while keeping in mind that flagging a negative review for your business may not always be enough to get it removed. The reason for this is simple.

If every business could remove every negative comment, then most would only keep the positive ones. Therefore, one of the best ways to have negative comments removed is to have users flag the content as inappropriate. The more people flagging it, the more likely it is that the comments will be removed.

This is where DoNotPay can help your business the most. We can flag the content that you feel is too harmful as a consumer rather than as a business.

How To Remove Negative Reviews With DoNotPay

One thing a business must deal with is sometimes harsh or unfair reviews. If you are trying to learn more about how to dispute a review on Tripadvisor or have already had your claims ignored by Tripadvisor, DoNotPay can help.

Our process has already helped others deal with various situations, including:

Therefore, we feel confident that we can help you discover how to remove fake reviews from Tripadvisor in the easiest way possible.

All you have to do is

  1. Select which platform the review was posted on.


  2. Enter the url to the review and upload a photo to help us identify it.


  3. Indicate why you want to report the review and also provide a detailed description.


  4. And that's it! We'll report the review so that it gets investigated by the platform and taken down once they determine it's inappropriate.

And that's it! DoNotPay will look at your claims, and the review, and flag it as inappropriate.

What More Can DoNotPay Do for Your Business?

DoNotPay is an online lawyer group and the first of its kind. We understand how hurtful negative reviews can be for any business. Therefore, we will do all that we can to help you discover how to delete reviews on Tripadvisor, but this isn't all that DoNotPay can do for your small business. We can also help you:

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