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How to Delete a Negative Review on ConsumerAffairs

Has a product or service that you sell recently got a negative review on the Consumer Affairs website? We live by the reviews we get and are constantly on that quest for as many 5-star reviews as we can get our hands on to establish ourselves as an 'authority' in our chosen profession.

You can have 99, 5-star reviews, and the only one that will garner any attention is the one out of a hundred that is negative, defamatory, malicious, and intent on doing as much harm to your credibility as the public perception will allow.

You need the services of DoNotPay to quickly and efficiently remove the negative review from the Consumer Affairs website. Let's show you how your method of trying to accomplish this can rob you of your time, render you confused, and begin eroding the foundation of the business you poured your heart and soul into to get started!

Then, we will show you how fast and easy it is to do more with less by using DoNotPay as your ultimate solution!

How Does Your Negative or Bad Review Get on Consumer Affairs, to Begin With?

Before we begin this journey to remove a negative review from Consumer Affairs, let's understand what constitutes a negative review. Acquaint yourself with these four elements of defamation:

  • The truth
  • An opinion
  • Agree on consent
  • Provide the privilege

The party that published the negative review had to go through a rigorous process in creating the review as it has now been posted on your business page within the Consumer Affairs Terms of Service. The online moderator for Consumer Affairs has either allowed this negative review to slip through the cracks and be published, or the review met all criteria per the Consumer Affairs Publishing Policy, and the review contained at least one of the elements mentioned above.

The majority of negative and defamatory reviews are going to fall into the “opinion” category so keep that in mind as we go forward.

Why You Should Report All Fake Reviews

Reporting fake reviews that you receive on Consumer Affairs is not about your ego or trying to prove a point, it is about:

  1. Providing accurate feedback. Making sure the information that the wider world receives about your business is fair and accurate.
  2. Protecting your business from slander. People will get the wrong impression about who you are and how you operate if you are constantly bombarded by fake reviews that make your business appear a certain way.

Three Different Issues You Will Encounter to Get a Bad Review Removed From Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs has put itself in a position by carefully worded policies and procedures where once the review has been published it stays published. That's going to mean an uphill battle to get it deleted. Most, if not all, small to medium-sized business owners will fight to the bitter end to protect their company's reputation, status within the community, and as an authority in the particular field they do business in.

Let's look at the three roadblocks you are going to encounter when trying to protect your company's reputation and immediate future.

1. Consumer Affairs Strict No-Deletion Policy

Instead of a liberal deletion policy to remove false, malicious, and negative reviews that can potentially destroy a company, Consumer Affairs lets these negative accusations stay on their website indefinitely causing long-term damage to an otherwise thriving business.

2. Consumer Affairs Biased Advocacy

Take a look at this article from Truth in Advertising, where the NordicTrack company filed a complaint against Consumer Affairs. They filed the lawsuit against Consumer Affairs for essentially extorting and holding the business' hostage until they came up with the needed $9000 for set-up and $3000 per month to have only positive reviews published about their company as well a high ranking status within the Consumer Affairs platform.

The gist of the article was alluding to Consumer Affairs extorting businesses in return for an 'Accredited Partner' status while companies that did not pay the exuberant fees were slammed with damaging reviews. Makes you wonder who Consumer Affairs is advocating for, right?

3. Unable to Dispute False or Defamatory Reviews

This further elaborates on the number two item above. Companies that refuse or cannot afford the set-up and monthly payments to Consumer Affairs were hit with 1.5 to 2-star reviews and damaging reviews. These situations that companies find themselves in with Consumer Affairs' Pay to Play mentality reads like the script of your average mob/mafia movie.

Has your company been offered 'protection' from Consumer Affairs? Don't you think it's time to kick these problems to the curb and see how DoNotPay can offer you a solution instead of more costly issues? DoNotPay can offer and deliver a solution that is fast, easy, and successful.

Let DoNotPay Get Your Negative Consumer Affairs Review Deleted at Last!

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How to Remove Negative Consumer Affairs Reviews with DoNotPay 

Here is the fast, easy, and successful solution you have been looking for!

  1. Select which platform the review was posted on. 
  2. Enter the url to the review and upload a photo to help us identify it. 
  3. Indicate why you want to report the review and also provide a detailed description. 
  4. And that's it! We'll report the review so that it gets investigated by the platform and taken down once they determine it's inappropriate.

Let DoNotPay go to work on your behalf so you can get back to building your business not defending your honor!

Sounds Great! What Else Can I Get Done With the Help of DoNotPay?

This problem with Consumer Affairs that is on its way to being taken care of now is only a small part of the DoNotPay machine! Here are some other similar issues that have all been addressed, solved, and put to bed thanks to the evolving menu of solutions from the world's first robot lawyer, DoNotPay!

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